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How Do I Install A Tap? How Do I Change The Taps? The Full Steps Are Here.

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What is the tap installation method? Faucets are indispensable in the kitchen, we need faucets to wash our hands, vegetables and dishes. As time goes on, some taps start to strike, a series of problems such as leaks, this time we need to replace the taps, please workers is an expense, install the taps themselves is a good choice. So, how should the various taps be installed?
Kitchen Faucet Installation Procedure
1. Remove the entire faucet fittings (tooth tube, rubber gasket, stainless steel spacer, fixing nut).
2. Pass one of the inlet pipes through the faucet opening and across the countertop.
3. Screw the crossed inlet pipe into the water inlet hole under the faucet and tighten it properly.
4. Pass the whole of the removed tooth pipe through the inlet pipe that has been screwed into the tap inlet.
5. Thread the second inlet pipe through the entire tooth pipe and into the other inlet under the tap and tighten it properly.
6、Align the tooth pipe to the bottom of the faucet and tighten properly, adjust the position of the faucet, and then fix the fittings and tighten properly.
TIPS: Kitchen faucet installation must be solid, because the kitchen faucet is used more frequently, plus being moved around, very easy to loose, so the locking nut must be tight
Bathroom Basin Faucet Installation Procedure
1. First of all, we bought the faucet and will find some basic parts below.
2. First we put the copper buckle and a rubber pad into the two hoses.
3. Then put one end of the two tubes through the hole in the sink.
4. Then put the rubber pad into the hose and then put the copper wire in.
5. Bring the faucet over again and screw the pipe to the faucet.
6, then screw the copper wire on the faucet, put into the hole of the porcelain basin to hold the faucet.
TIPS: When installing, it must be equipped with a special angle valve, and the angle valve must be fixed with the wall water supply plumbing, the inlet pipe is too long can be cut off, but do not bend hard to 90 degrees or more than 90 degrees. When installing the basin de-watering, don’t forget to purchase the small connector for the faucet.
Thermostatic Faucet Installation Notes
1. Users of tap water with small solid hard blocks are not suitable for using thermostatic taps.
2、Water containing powdered sediment or soft foreign matter may reduce the sensitivity of the thermostatic valve spool, and may also shorten the service life of the thermostatic tap.
3. Keep the distance between the water heater and the tap as short as possible so that hot water can reach the tap as soon as possible.
4、The normal water pressure is 0.05Mpa~0.6 Mpa.
5. Hot and cold water pipes must not be installed by mistake, hot water pipes must be on the left and cold water pipes on the right.
6, must clean up the installation site before installing the thermostatic faucet, so as not to damage the ring, thread, thermostatic valve spool and other parts of the faucet by small hard sand and gravel.
7. Please install according to the instructions of the manual, taking special care not to miss, lose or damage any gasket or rubber ring.
8、Thermostatic water faucet has no heating function, please adjust the water temperature of the water heater to 60℃ ~ 85℃.
9. Shower and shower pipe cannot withstand high temperatures above 60°C.
10. After each use, be sure to set the left water temperature adjustment knob to below 40°C.
11、If the difference in water pressure between hot and cold water is too great, use a screwdriver to adjust the valve of the bracket, which is more important for households with gas water heaters.
Induction Faucet Installation Notes
1, in the installation of this faucet must ensure that its induction window facing down and sink bottom distance to at least 25CM, otherwise it will affect the sensitivity of the induction.
2, will be installed induction faucet location of the inlet water source off, in order to ensure the installation of the faucet.
3, take out the faucet faucet body from the package, the faucet body on the inlet threaded with raw material tape or drainage tape, and the faucet body screwed into the wall to be installed on the inlet pipe fixed position.
4, open the induction faucet body above the top lid projection of the battery box cover, pull out the battery box inside carefully, according to the instructions battery positive and negative pole into 4 new No. 3 alkaline battery, when the faucet body on the induction window red light will keep flashing, and so on the faucet body on the induction window red light stops blinking inside and pushed into the battery box after locking, so that the faucet body is installed.
5, will be installed at the location of the faucet water inlet water source open for testing, and use the water valve knob to adjust the size of the water output, if there is no problem can be put into use.

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