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WOWOW Brushed Nickel Pull Down Kitchen Mixer Taps

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Kitchen Faucet Mixer Tap is leak-proof for multiple opening and closing tests, leak-proof for multiple opening and closing tests, explosion-proof and leak-proof, stable performance, durable and smooth, durable.

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WOWOW Brushed Nickel Pull Down Kitchen Mixer Taps WOWOW Brushed Nickel Pull Down Kitchen Mixer Taps WOWOW Brushed Nickel Pull Down Kitchen Mixer Taps WOWOW Brushed Nickel Pull Down Kitchen Mixer Taps

Pull Down Kitchen Faucet 2310800
Do you want to give a special touch to your kitchen with a pull down kitchen faucet? Then WOWOW has the pull down kitchen faucet for you, that you can even install yourself in a blink of an eye. WOWOW has made it that easy to install this commercial pull down kitchen faucet. In just 3 simple steps, you can give your kitchen a complete uplift with this impressive piece of kitchen equipment. At installing, first of all, you tighten the pull down kitchen faucet to your kitchen deck with the metal nut. Secondly, you connect the gravity ball to the water hose in order that the pull down hose will function smoothly and retracts easily. And third, you connect the two water hoses – cold and warm – to the water connections in your kitchen.
It is really that simple, and with the clear instructions and all included installment materials, you will not need an expensive professional that would cost you lots of money. Installing is easy when you have a kitchen deck with 1 or 3 predrilled holes. With the assembly video of WOWOW you can finish installation in less than 30 minutes. Isn’t that great?
Water functions pull down kitchen faucet
With this commercial pull down kitchen faucet you are provided with 3 instead of 2 water modes. First of all you can use the stream mode that is convenient for filling pots with water for example. Second, the high pressure spray mode offers a shower mode to clean larger areas, for instance to rinse plates. And third, you are provided with the sweep mode that features an unbelievably strong force. With this sweep mode you can quickly sweep and wash your kitchen sink. All dirt will be removed that easy. It will definitely impress you. The sprayer head features as high quality ABS aerator with security as well and is NSF-certified.
The built-in bubble of this pull down kitchen faucet prevents splashing and water-leakage. This faucet bubble generates a protective water sphere that reduces the power of the water when it hits your kitchen sink. With this innovative bubble, the splashing is reduced with no less than 90%. It is easy to control the water temperature and water flow volume with the stainless steel lever. The metal lever is smooth and easy to operate, and the high arc 360- degree swivel spout offers you full range washing access. Besides, the water hose is made of stainless steel and is therefore more resistant to high temperatures. The pullout hose with sprayer head is 5’10” and retracts always easily back after each use
Commercial pull down kitchen faucet
This pull down kitchen faucet was made for commercial use. In commercial sites, like restaurants for instance, demands are high regarding kitchen equipment. Materials have to be resistant to be able to handle heavy-handed use and besides it should offer a nearly 100% performance rate. Damaged pull down kitchen faucets would nearly be a disaster. For this reason, WOWOW has applies many extra-resistant materials to be able to perform in the most challenging venues. That is what you will immediately notice when you have this pull down kitchen faucet in your hands. You feel the quality instantly.
The pull down kitchen faucet of WOWOW was made of SUS 304 stainless steel and finished with brushed nickel. This stainless steel is less conductive and less magnetic than for example carbon steel. This stainless steel is durable, offers excellent resistance and is highly corrosion resistant. No chemicals where used in this type of stainless steel that could migrate with your food. This makes this pull down kitchen faucet of WOWOW completely safe for your health and a durable choice for your kitchen.

Deck mount pull down kitchen faucet
Besides durability, functionality and performance, you also want your pull down kitchen faucet to give a stylish impact to your kitchen. With WOWOW’s pull down kitchen faucet you are assured of this impact. This brushed nickel pull down kitchen faucet gives an elegant upgrade to any kitchen. The design of this deck mount kitchen faucet could either be seen as classical, industrial or modern. This unique design makes it easy to combine with many kitchen types. Whatever the kitchen design is that you have, with this pull down kitchen faucet you will give an impressive upgrade to your kitchen. That small, but that impressive.
As this pull down kitchen faucet is deck mounted, it will be the center of attraction of your kitchen design. As natural focal points, kitchen faucets normally do attract the attention of your sight. Especially, when your faucet is deck mounted. For sure you will give an elegant impression with this pull down kitchen faucet. Not in the last place because of its elegant brushed nickel finishing. This gives an elegant touch to any kitchen faucet, and together with its unique contemporary design, you have that kitchen faucet in your hands that will make a difference.

Pull down kitchen faucet warranty
At WOWOW we are passionate about our products and want to offer you the best. As with most pull down kitchen faucets of WOWOW, you are offered a complimentary 5-year warranty period. If your pull down kitchen faucet would not function the way you want, you will be offered a brand new pull down kitchen faucet as replacement. That is a promise that we make to all of our customers. Not for nothing, WOWOW has become an international brand that is known for its high quality kitchen faucets at reasonable prices. The best value for money you will get at WOWOW when it comes to your kitchen faucets.
As we believe in our products, WOWOW offers you a 90 days money back guarantee as well. If you would not be impressed with your pull down kitchen faucet as we expect you to be, we will fully refund you without any hassle. Also that is a promise that we make to you!

The advantages of the pull down kitchen faucet in a nutshell:
Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen
Unique combination of classic and modern design
Features 3 water modes
High performance
Made of stainless steel
Easy to clean and easy to maintain
Easy to install in 30 minutes
5-year warranty


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Brushed Nickel

Item Weight

4.34 pounds

Package Dimensions

21.4 x 11.1 x 2.8 inches






Stainless Steel/Zinc Alloy/Brass



Installation Method

Single-Hole Deck-Mount

Extension Length

0.5 Meters

Hose Length

1.8 Meters

Spout Height

6.9 Inches

Spout Reach

8.8 Inches

Flush Type

Three Modes: Stream mode/Spray mode/Sweep mode

Plug Profile

Single-Hole Deck-Mount

Included Components

Kitchen sink faucet; 50cm Hot & Cold Water Hoses; Pull down sprayer; Deck Plate; Mounting Accessories

  1. A***d2020-05-04

    I could not be more pleased with this faucet!! It changed the whole look of my kitchen. Very nice quality for the price. Beats paying $200 at the department store! The spray function is super handy and the weight keeps the spout in tight when not pulling on it. I hope this lasts a long time!

  2. M***s2020-05-11

    Well, so far so good except I need to run to the hardware store to get steel extensions lines from the water outlets to the faucet connections. My installation is not a straight forward one as the faucet is used in the laundry room to the side of a mop sink so need hose extensions. The fittings on the faucet are female where as my previous hoses on my old faucet are male. In a normal install, you’d be able to screw the fitting directly on the 3/8″ inlets or use the 1/2 adapters they provided if your inlets are 1/2″.

    Other than the above issue, easy to set up and tighten hardware. The finish is nice and the feel of the faucet is heavy. It almost looks too fancy for the laundry room but I wanted the faucet reach and the pause function to be able to give my dog a bath in the sink!

  3. W***d2020-05-18

    I am very happy with this faucet considering how affordable it was. Installation was very easy and the faucet came with everything needed for the installation. there is a good length hose for the sprayer and the weight keeps it in place adequately. It would be nice if there were a magnet between the sprayer and faucet body but it stays in place regardless when retracted. I would recommend this to a friend.

  4. T***i2020-05-18

    I was a little weary about this faucet at the price after shopping around hardware stores. I was surprised at the features/cost and took a chance. The faucet works beautifully and without issue. I’ve had it installed for a few weeks and have had no issues with leaks or otherwise. The handle is easy to use, does exactly what it needs to do without hassle.

  5. G***d2020-05-20

    Impressed for the cost, solid faucet everything need for easy installation!

  6. M***s2020-05-22

    We live in an apartment and wanted this to fancy up our kitchen sink. It works so well. A definite good buy. Hose stretches out well. Easy install. No leaks.

  7. G***e2020-05-29

    This faucet is PERFECT for my newly remodeled kitchen! Great price and it looks and works GREAT!!

  8. L***n2020-06-02

    Took longer to take old one out than to install. Very good , great improvement to our old moen

  9. B***)2020-06-09

    This was easy to install, looks great and functions exactly as I had hoped. It completed the kitchen sink area just as it was imagined. Looks elegant and works perfectly…I am very happy with this faucet.

  10. A***y2020-06-15

    Easy installation instructions and very good quality!
    Very pleased for the price!

  11. H***d2020-06-18

    I love it! Super easy to install (first time home owner with no plumbing experience). We had it done in minutes, and I only needed a second set of hands for the final tightening. It looks great and was a huge value for the price.

  12. M***a2020-06-21

    Love this product! We had the matte black at our old House and it was perfect! This house has more stainless so we went with that finish and it is luxury on a budget! It’s easy to install! Comes well packaged, and looks absolutely stunning!!

  13. A***d2020-06-23

    I thought it would be dark silver, but it has a gold tint. It might have been easy to install, but could not remove the old one even after buying a tool that was supposed to make it easy, but did not. I had to call a plumber to remove and install.

  14. M***s2020-06-29

    Well packaged, easy and clear installation instructions and a well built, high quality finish – all for an excellent price. What more can I possibly say. Thoroughly satisfied and I can/do enthusiastically recommend this product.

  15. R***a2020-07-05

    I had my maintenance guy put it in for me. It’s beautiful! He put it in quickly, no problems.

  16. R***y2020-07-12

    Just installed it and so far so good! It was super easy to install, clear instructions and the faucet itself is beautiful. It completely changed my space. Water pressure is awesome too. Hope it lasts a long time!

  17. H***d2020-07-17

    Very nice faucet, great price. Works better than expected, water pressure increased, pull down feature is very good as well. Love it!!

  18. N***r2020-07-18

    The faucet came in damaged and brand new. I could tell by even the smell. The installation was pretty easy. It took about a total of 30 mins. The faucet has two spray functions and a stop button. I posted videos to show how the functions work. The interior hose is not made of metal. It looks like it’s a mesh hose. The weight seems to be heavy enough to retract the hose. Didn’t have any issues with it at all. I definitely recommend others!

  19. T***e2020-07-21

    When I opened the package I was very happy to see the hot and cold water supply lines along with the adapter were factory installed. This made the installation of the faucet very easy and much faster. To also help with installation the hot and cold supply lines are color coded with red (hot) and blue (cold) stripes designating each line. The faucet has some weight to it so it was necessary to place something heavy on the hole cover making it easier to install the rubber and metal washers with the open hole secure nut. With some of the installation pre-done at the factory I was able to remove and install the faucets in approximately 1 hour. After installing the new faucet I tested for leaks by running both the hot and cold water. I was very happy to not find any leaks and at the same time test how the faucet worked. The faucet is well made with all the water lines being non-bursting. Very happy with this purchase.

  20. A***t2020-07-22

    I am very impressed with this faucet!! The packaging was very nice. Very professional, clean quality. Nice foam inserts for great storage and organization. Everything was easy to understand and very simple to install. The only hard part was getting my old rust faucet out haha!! The faucet itself has a nice weight to it. Feels like great quality! Especially for the cost!! The sprays all function well. I really love the pressure spray option. My kids frequently leave cereal in their bowl that turns to concrete and I’m excited to blast it off with that feature. The weighted cord for the pull out sprayer is a nice touch! Pulls it right back up. The whole faucet is nice and large. Looks very classy. Overall very impressed and pleased I purchased this!

  21. A***y2020-07-27

    Our sink isn’t very deep and I wanted an easier way to fill pots. I really like that it has 2 settings- stream and spray ! I installed this (with interruptions) well under an hour. The locking collar has an opening that allows it to go on without having to snake it up the hoses. One nice feature for installation is the hoses are marked with blue and red, making hookup a breeze. I have been looking at box stores for this very type of faucet. The prices on comparable units was pushing the limits of my budget. This faucet has all the features I wanted and is solid well built product. Great price, great faucet and I’m happy I purchased this !

  22. T***e2020-08-09

    This faucet was intended to outfit a temporary kitchen as we renovate ours. We love it so much that we’re going to use it in the new space. Very sturdy, quality construction, no plastic bits. Tall enough, very easy to install, easy to use, with good flexibility from the spray nozzle. And all for a fraction of the cost of “name” brands, which are often made of lots of plastic. Excellent faucet for the $$.

  23. D***e2020-08-15

    I was a little worried it would look like “cheap plastic” but it doesn’t! I’m redoing my kitchen and the faucet looks great!!! I love that I can change the water pressure and even pause the water flow when soaping up the dishes which saves water and money on my water bill. I have a double sink so it’s big and convenient.

  24. I***a2020-08-19

    This was actually a super good buy. It was actually really easy to install. The hardest part was removing the last fixture since it was so old and gross. But this fixture was really sleek, easy to put together, and probably took me about half an hour at most, including cleaning, to get the whole thing replaced. Really pleased with ease of use and ability to switch from hot to cold, spray function, and stretch. The weight ball is smart. Love this tech and how our innovation is pushing a better and more affordable standard of living.

  25. L***n2020-08-23

    I love this faucet easy to install works great fit perfectly on my unfinished kitchen sink great price would love to buy another as a gift.

  26. M***s2020-08-27

    Very impressed with unit. The finish is beautiful. The only thing I need to comment on is the handle is very sensitive and one needs to be careful when turning on faucet as u may get a little more force than needed. Otherwise I’m quite impressed with the company and the follow-up they have done on their product. Would definitely purchase again if ever needed.

  27. B***a2020-08-28

    This faucet brought my kitchen back to life! Well made and super easy to install! I’ve had zero leaks or issues so far! I recommend !

  28. C***n2020-08-29

    We’re normal person with no extra piping such as water purifier system -is an easy install. I also have a shelf in the way so the weight could not go where it actually belongs make sure you’re under your sink is clear it’ll make it easier to work. The Faucet is sleek looking and beautifully designed. I absolutely love it

  29. C***r2020-09-03

    Very impressed with this faucet. A breeze to install. The spray function is powerful. I really like the button on handle that stops the flow! Has same feel as the very expensive facets but a fraction of the price. Highly recommended.

  30. M***n2020-09-07

    We found similar products in store, all around the 100 dollar range. When I purchased this I was nervous because it was so reasonably priced but it’s a great faucet. It looks expensive and works perfectly. Easy to install, also. We love it.

  31. L***y2020-09-09

    Great product with a good price. It’s premium quality, hopeful it will be very durable after installed.

  32. S***n2020-09-11

    This is a great faucet at a very reasonable price. The hose mechanism isnt as smooth as you would want it to be but it gets the job done. Pressure is great, the two spray functions works great. Overall its a great product!

  33. B***e2020-09-16

    This is a great product. It has the look and feel of higher end products at a great price. All the parts needed for install are provided except tools. Installation is a breeze if you have ever changed a hose in you garden, you can install this.

  34. E***t2020-09-24

    I’m not a plumber; in fact I’d say I have no luck with anything like this usually. This faucet was easy to install and it’s beautiful in our lakehouse. Great addition to our little kitchen!

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