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How To Install Wall-Mounted Faucets And Buying Tips

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Wall-mounted faucets are named after their method of equipment. Wall-mounted equipment is actually a concealed installation method, the water supply is buried in the wall, the exterior can only see the faucet and switch. Selected into the wall type equipment faucet is generally more space-saving, and can improve the decorative bathroom space, so that the bathroom space is more orderly.


The advantages of in-wall faucets

  1. Intelligent water conservation: active sensor control on, off, the hand or water container, washing items into the sensor range, the faucet is active after the water from the continuous water, water-saving function is obvious.
  2. Save space, choose the wall of the faucet devices generally save space, and can progress all the decorative bathroom space, so that the bathroom space is more orderly.
  3. Convenient cleaning: water switch completely by the sensor activity, manual do not touch the faucet, useful to prevent bacterial cross infection.
  4. Overtime protection. 30 seconds of overtime scrubbing active water off function, to prevent foreign bodies for a long time in the induction range of water waste.


The disadvantages of the faucet into the wall

  1. Wall mounted faucets are also more troublesome than ordinary faucets, and are usually still professional equipment masters to equipment processing, and the cost of wall-mounted faucets is also relatively high.
  2. Also because many of the components are buried in the wall, so if there is a problem, it will be very difficult to repair.


Wall-mounted faucet equipment process

Kitchen in-wall faucet appliance method

  1. Equipment before you open the water, eradicate impurities in the pipe, sand, etc., and then close the water, first of all, in order to prevent faucet equipment, assuming that there are impurities in the water pipe can not be normal water supply, and then rework will bring appropriate trouble to the equipment.
  2. The flange cover lock into the teeth of the water elbow, and then the teeth wrapped in a water stop on the belt, lock into the wall pipe, adjust the cold and hot water elbow, rotate the angle to be flushed and hole distance and the body cold and hot water hole distance consistent, and then the flange cover rotation tight wall, first of all, in order to play a fixed role.

The rubber washer inserted into the body of the hot and cold water supply coupling nut, and then the coupling nut and hot and cold water supply elbow tightened, using a 30mm wrench.


Basin-to-wall faucet equipment method

  1. Fix the inlet wall body to the wall and connect the inlet pipe.
  2. The depth of the faucet body buried in the wall should pay attention to control, after the end of the wall even tiles and other decorative thickness between 45 to 60, be careful not to bury too deep, otherwise it will affect the normal equipment and appearance of the faucet function.
  3. Shield should be used to prevent dust damage to the surface of the faucet, until the end of the decoration equipment handle to remove the shield.


Wall-mounted faucet equipment

  1. Recognize that the water pressure is between 0.5 and 5kgf/cm before the equipment comes to the water supply, so that the water supply after the equipment comes to the water supply can be normal.
  2. Before removing the faucet body, please close the water inlet elbow (water source), and disassemble it carefully to prevent damage to the faucet.
  3. When using the faucet, do not touch the spout to prevent scalding.
  4. Do not disassemble the shaft while using the wall-mounted faucet.
  5. When cleaning and maintaining the faucet, please do not use corrosive detergent to clean it, and prevent using a dishcloth or washing powder to clean it, so as not to damage the surface of the product and affect its service life.


In-wall faucet purchase matters needing attention

  1. In-wall faucets in the in-wall accessories, are not many, the equipment is not easy to replace after, so pick some quality brand products, before buying, to fully understand the product accessories.
  2. When selecting the faucet, we should try the switch handle to see if it is smooth, we can’t just pick the beautiful style, but ignore the practicality of the product.
  3. The faucet standard into the wall, is fixed, after the device, its usefulness and the basin, bathtub and other distribution standards, the location of the faucet outlet can not be close to the edge, otherwise it will affect the use, assuming the faucet is an independent device, there is no need to consider the combination of internal, free to choose the shape of the basin!

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