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Zen Rhyme – Corner Tea Room

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Source: New Micro Design

ID: land-2013

A teapot and a few scents

A plain tea room.

It adds a lot of relaxation and zen to life.


And a place to put your mind at rest.

Life is what you do in your spare time.

I’ve got a lot of free time.

There’s a tea room, that’s all.

Zen Rhyme – Teahouse

This Design, Photography Aoxiang

For the ritual of drinking tea, everyone’s tea drinking purposes and needs are different, but also created the diversity of modern tea room design, modern tea room space combined with Chinese, Japanese, modern minimalist and other styles, tea rooms become more and more people living in the essential living space, then how to create a Zen tea room? Here’s a brief look at the six elements of tea room design, so you can easily create an elegant Zen tea room ~ ~.



Position the space to be “small”

For modern families, the tea room space does not have to be particularly large, to create a small but exquisite space is sufficient, one person to drink alone, product solitude, beneficial to the mind, the charm of tea. Drink with friends, talk about, can get the fun of tea, in their own little world, sip a cup of tea, feel the inner peace.

Fang Huang Design

Fang Huang Design

APA Design, Photography by Shao-Ke Liu

APA Design, Photography by Shao-Ke Liu

APA Design, Photography by Shao-Ke Liu

APA Design, Photography by Shao-Ke Liu


Decorating principles should be “simple”

If you don’t know how to decorate it, you can try to make a moderate amount of white space.

Boundless Xixi Teahouse, photography Ye Song

C&C Design, photography by Kajian Visuals

Dao Ran Design, photograph by Ying Liu

Hu Zhongwei Interior Architecture, Dabin Photography

Hu Zhongwei Interior Architecture, Dabin Photography


Color principle should be “plain”

Wood, white and light gray are good choices. Low-key colors can give the space a plain, pure and subtle atmosphere.

Beijing Location Space Design

Beijing Location Space Decoration Design

Paisan Design Zhou Jing

Hangzhou Xuanchi Decoration Design, Photographer: Li Heng


Functional positioning to be “light”

Since ancient times, people have been drinking tea in a natural way, not deliberately pursuing a home, but paying more attention to the mood and the natural environment of the fit, the tea room is a spiritual habitat, in modern family space as a supplement to the main home functions, so there is no need to occupy the main living space at home, even in a corner, only simple and comfortable.

Hu Zhongwei Interior Architecture Design, Dabin Photography

Boundless Xixi Teahouse, photographer Ye Song

Boundless Xixi Teahouse, photographer Ye Song

Boundless Xixi Teahouse, photographer Ye Song

This Rule Design, Photography Aoxiang

Yifang Half House, designed by Zeng Jianlong, photographs by Li Guomin and Sun Jun.

Hu Zhongwei Interior Architecture, Dabin Photography


The principle of material selection should be “true”

The materials used in the tea room are mainly natural, such as bamboo, wood, stone, etc. These materials are environmentally friendly and simple, but also bring a sense of nature.

APA Design, Photo by Shao-ke Liu

Jing Xin Jing Hui Teahouse

Jing Xin Jing Hui Teahouse


Elegance in furnishings

A teahouse has four elegance: tea utensils, artifacts, bonsai, and ink painting.

C&C design, photography by Kaijian Visuals

Part of the text source: JianE Interior Design, images from the Internet, published by New Micro Design, reproduced with permission.

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