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Why install a bubbler in the faucet

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First, the role of the faucet bubbler

1, Water conservation. The bubbler reduces water consumption by allowing the flowing water and air to mix well, creating a foaming effect and increasing the flushing force. Water is about 50%.

2, Prevent splashing and reduce noise. The water flow is soft, and the impact force decreases after mixing with air. Water cushion is uniform, reducing vertical splash.

3, Filtration. Multi-layer filter can filter most of the sediment and impurities, the internal grid can filter large particles of impurities (occasionally clogged, need to be cleaned).

4, Constant water flow/spout.4. constant water flow/water output. With pressure compensation or flow limiting device (common in shower) can guarantee a certain amount of water output when the water pressure is too low, and limit the amount of water output when the water pressure is too high. Water pressure is unstable when stable water output.

Second, how to clean the bubbler

1, The bubbler can filter impurities. It will inevitably clog over time and will need to be cleaned. You can remove the bubbler, soak it in vinegar, use a small brush or other tool to clean the debris, and then reinstall it.

2, You can use a small screwdriver to pry into the gap in the bubbler frame to pry firmly, open the top of the plastic card top net, and take out the middle of the stainless steel net (there are four).

3, After cleaning, put it back in the order of disassembly (the stainless steel net’s furring should be up, and finally the plastic card top net should be put into the card).

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