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What should I do when I found that the water in the faucet is very small

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First determine if the water is low at the local outlet or the whole house.

  1. Low water outflow for the whole house. First determine if the home’s main water valve is not fully open. See if your neighbours have the same problem with water pressure, if you can find a property to discuss it, it should be a problem of insufficient water pressure in the upper floors (usually 10 or more floors need to be pressurised).
  2. If it is a residential area with no property, the lack of water pressure can be improved by installing a pressurized pump at the mains to first determine if the water is small at the partial outlet or the whole house.
  3. Smaller water at the partial outlet. Check to make sure the angle valve is fully open. If the volume of water is still low, remove the faucet outlet filter (bubbles) and check for foreign objects.
  4. After confirming that the foreign body is clean, if the volume of water is still low, remove the corner valve to check for clogging.
  5. If there is any foreign matter, you will need to remove it with a toothbrush and then wash the sticky dirt out of the drain with detergent. After cleaning, put the filter head back on.
  6. After cleaning, the amount of water coming out of the faucet increases significantly. If your faucet is also experiencing poor water flow.

Just clean the filter head of the faucet.


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