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What should I do if the winter faucet freezes

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Due to the cold weather, when the faucet is frozen, we cannot force to twist the faucet. Because the faucet is very brittle at this time of the year, it is easy to twist the faucet. We can do some treatments to melt the faucet.

1. Use hot water

Wrap the faucet in a towel and pour warm water below 50 degrees Celsius over the towel. After a few minutes, the faucet will thaw naturally. It is important to note that you can pour it directly without wrapping the towel, or you can pour it with water that is above 50 degrees Celsius. Both practices will result in a direct burst of the water pipe.

2. Heating equipment

Place a briquette, radiator or heater near the faucet to raise the temperature near the faucet, let the ice at the faucet melt slowly, and try unscrewing the faucet. If water comes out, let the water run for a while before rushing out. The ice has not completely melted.

3. Homemade faucet warmer bag

Put some warm water in a Ziploc bag, tie it tightly, and place it on top of the faucet to use as a hot water bottle.



How to prevent winter taps

  1. The faucet is frozen, which prevents the flow. The main reason is that the outside ambient temperature is too low, so we can put a layer of cotton linen, old jacket or cotton wool insulation material on the tap to prevent the tap from freezing by raising the temperature of the tap.
  2. The freezing point of water is 0 degrees Celsius, as long as the environment where the tap is located is above 0 degrees Celsius. The tap will not be frozen, so close the doors and windows at night before going to bed. Now the glass is thickened glass, insulation effect is very good, as long as the doors and windows closed, the ambient temperature inside the house will generally be above 0. degrees Celsius, so as to prevent the faucet is frozen.
  3. In order to prevent the taps from freezing, we can tie a heating wire to the taps and pipes and use the heating wire to prevent the taps from freezing.
  4. If our indoor temperature is difficult to reach above 0 degrees Celsius. At night when we sleep, we can turn off the indoor water valve and turn on the faucet to let the water remaining in the pipes. The next day, when you want to use it, you can re-open the water valve.
  5. Another option is to loosen the faucet a bit before going to bed at night and let the water drip all the time. With water flowing through the pipes, the faucet will naturally not freeze.

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