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What Material Is Best To Get A Cold Or Hot Water Faucet

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What Material Is Best To Get A Cold Or Hot Water Faucet


Faucets are a vital part of contemporary house life, and the development of hot and cold water faucets also create more comfort and convenience in our house life, in the current market a wide variety of faucet surface, ordinary consumers do not know how to choose, especially not clear substance faucets more durable some. A lot of buddies buy back the faucet, even after using it for a period of time, there will also be troubles such as leaking and closing, which seriously affects the disposal when utilized. Understand the qualities of different material faucets in order to make the ideal purchasing decision.

1. Different substances that characterize hot and cold water faucets

Engineering: made of pure aluminum taps, relatively high price, better stage quality, when buying, pay attention to check the brass color is difficult, whether the interior is rougher.

Ceramic: Ceramic faucets have the benefit of not rusting, rusting, or wearing out, and have a rather lovely and ample appearance, certainly with a sense of luxury and atmosphere, but ceramic is easier to break.

Metallic zinc: metallic zinc faucets have polishing procedures, system die-casting, smooth and flat inside, but harmful to the human body, shell followed by the effect of water is very simple to corrode fracture.

Stainless steel: stainless steel faucet does not contain lead, acid and alkali resistance, not simple rust, hardness and durability than aluminum faucet more than 2 times, manufacturing process than aluminum faucet hard, relatively high price. Choose faucet according to use

Generally, the balcony is recommended to pick a single cold faucet, while the bathroom basin should be picked with cold and warm faucet features, more appropriate to use in winter. Kitchen sink faucet, according to the actual needs to pick, you are able to pick the cold and warm faucet, should be here often to brush teeth and clean the head, or to pick only the cold faucet, should be only to wash the dishes and dishes.

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The cold and hot water faucet according to the arrangement is divided into single faucet, double faucet, or known as a single, double, single faucet can only connect a cold water heater or warm water heater, double to be able to connect cold water and warm water pipeline at the same time.

Cold and warm faucet according to different open procedures are divided into spiral, wrench, lift type, induction, delayed type, etc., can be selected according to actual needs.

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