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What Does a $1.7 Billion Mansion Look Like? There are Just 21 Bathrooms, and If You Buy Them, You Get a Helicopter Free, and The Netizens: They’re All Happy, Just Missing the Money

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What does a $1.7 billion mansion look like? Let’s take a look~

640 3


The area alone is amazing. It’s over 3,500 square feet.

This mansion is located in a prestigious residential area of the United States.
Los Angeles Beverly Hills
It is divided into 4 floors and has a construction area of more than 3500 square meters.
Plus 1,579 square metres of entertainment deck
That’s a few hundred elephants’ nests for you.
It doesn’t look like a house from the top down.
It’s a small town.

640 4
There are 12 bedrooms in the suite.
21 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 5 bars, home cinema
7m deep oversized swimming pool, gym, candy room….

They say that just building it…
It would take 250 workers four years to do it.
7 full time employees required to maintain daily cleanliness
And there are people around the world who can afford this house.
Only about 1800.
Seeing that there are billions of people who can’t afford it.
What happened to suddenly not being so envious?

640 1


Oversized infinity pool and 1888 sqm terrace

When I came to the mansion, the thing that interested me the most was the
Approximately 26 meters long infinity pool this pool!
In addition to being large enough, it also has a massage function
If I could swim around in it, it would be awesome.


A lounge next to the pool is a must.
If you get tired while swimming.
You can relax on a beach chair and watch the view.
Sitting here with a magnificent panoramic view of half of Los Angeles.
Feel free to invite your friends over to play here!
Large terrace of 1888 m2
Even a big party is stress-free.


For better relaxation.
There is also a huge 4k TV screen designed on one side of the pool
Through a helical hydraulic system
You can rise gently from the pool.
Play all the videos you want to see.
640 2

Outdoor playgrounds other than pools
It also includes a small golf course.
It’s a great way to play golf without leaving home.

640 3


Spa Center with professional masseurs

After a swim, put on a bathrobe.
Then you can come to the spa for a relaxing massage.
The original owners have taken care of the arrangements.
One of the seven employees on staff is a professional massage therapist.

640 5

640 4

You can enjoy a massage and a movie here.
Ultra-large screen home theaters are everywhere

640 5


The living room of a suite.

For the tenant family up north.
It’s probably an extravagant fantasy to have a living room.
But the living room in this mansion could spike a big house.
640 6

The design of the living room is properly aristocratic.
Leather sofa, plush carpet
And then with all the onyx furniture.
It’s luxurious without being tacky.
640 6

Compared to big sofas, big TVs and other kinds of big furniture
More attractive supporting functional areas in the living room
To make sure the owner has fun.
There’s a bar in almost every part of the living room.
The design of the bar is modern and minimalist, mostly in Chinese white marble.
Invite a few friends to watch football on the big screen during the World Cup
It’s good to drink, too.
640 7

There are also different styles of restaurants connected to the bar.
The design of the dining room is really elaborate
This warm and bright dining room opens directly to the outdoors.
It’s decorated very much like a Hawaiian-style restaurant on a seaside resort.
Perfect for enjoying a meal with the family while enjoying the view

640 7

And like this one with crystal chandeliers, dinnerware and an outdoor bonfire.
Long table dining room, round table dining room for decorations
It’s the perfect place to entertain guests.

640 8

Walking out of the dining room, on the wall that leads to the kitchen hallway
It has a very artistic design.
The Seven Dwarfs art installation
It’s a fun interaction with the people walking by.

640 8

640 9

After passing through the art gallery, you come to the automated kitchen.
The decorating style here is simple and straightforward.
From floor to cabinet in white.
All the kitchenware required is also inlaid.
They are “hidden” from use.
640 10

Probably to keep in line with the hallway mood.
Poster posters of several celebrities were designed on the kitchen walls.
You’ll be more motivated to cook like this.

640 1


Enjoy both hot and cold bedrooms. 

Same as the big living room.

Each bedroom here is a large ensuite.

Can be connected directly to the outdoor terrace

640 11
The bedroom is designed to be simple and stylishly modern
Specially designed flame fireplace under the large TV wall
A view of the water on the screen, a fire blazing below it.
It’s a real show of “two sides of the same coin.”
640 12
Out of the bedroom, on the way to the cloakroom.
They’ve designed a little cafe.
Just turn on your phone and set the coffee you want to drink.
The coffee machine hidden in this little cupboard will grind itself.
16 flavors to satisfy your taste buds at any time.
640 13
We passed the cafe and came to the LV style coat room.
The design here is “hidden.”
The wardrobe is inlaid.
There are over 300 of these leather covered drawers alone.
You can barely see where every drawer is hidden when you don’t open it.
640 16
For office convenience.
A large floor-to-ceiling study is located off of one of the bedrooms.
High-grade leather office chair, large long desk
Steady modern elite style
640 9
It’s not just a great view from here.
And you get to see your own helicopter.
Trying to make money while still seeing where it’s spent
640 10
4K Dolby Panorama Cinema with 40 seats  
For an average mansion.
I’ve been bragging about having a home theater for a long time.
But in this mansion it is equipped with
4k Dolby panoramic sound cinema with 40 seats
640 11
You can be with your family and friends even without leaving your home.
Enjoy the latest Hollywood releases
640 12
In addition to state-of-the-art projection and sound equipment.
Every single seat.
Self-adjusting premium leather sofa
The cushions are all expensive Hermès, too.
It’s like watching a movie in such a comfortable setting that you could float.
640 14
Spike the gym’s exercise area and bowling alley. 
I want to stretch my legs after the movie.
You can go straight to the exercise area, which is better equipped than the gym.
640 2
If you don’t feel like you can do it alone.
It’s perfectly liberating to have a couple of friends along for the ride.
640 15
If you don’t think these facilities are enough.
There’s also a four-lane bowling alley for your pleasure.
640 17
The man’s wine cellar and the woman’s candy house. 
In a house this size, it’s kind of hard not to have a party.
At parties of all kinds, you can’t go wrong with good wine.
In the villa, it’s specially equipped.
Wine cellars with different temperature control
640 18
Whether it’s Lafite or Maotai.
They’re lined up here in rows and rows.
640 13
Except for the men’s favorite wine cellar.
The room is also equipped with a dessert house that the hostess loves.
It’s filled with all kinds of delicious candy.
The total value of the sugar could be $200,000.
640 19
640 14
It takes two years to build a spiral staircase.
There is one super highlight in the house.
Mr. Elephant has to elaborate a little bit between the second and third floor.
That’s worth $2 million.
A spiral staircase built by 20 people over a two-year period.
640 20
I could have mistaken this transparent staircase for a staircase.
It’s made of glass.
It’s actually hand-polished steel.
It’s extremely difficult to get this shiny through-pass level of finish!
You can’t do it without a long polish.
640 15
To finish the project.
The bottom and top of the stairs must be secured first
Zero deflection error.
640 21
There’s also a very appropriate one at the bottom of the stairs.
By our artist Liao Yibai
Value of a hand-carved
Approximately $1 million in camera art installations
It’s enough for an ordinary man to move bricks for the rest of his life.
640 22
Buy a house, get a helicopter and a $30 million luxury car. 
What makes a mansion a mansion is not only
It’s big, it’s big, and it’s big.
The former owner of the house is rich and unruly because he likes luxury cars.
He built a car collection right in the mansion.
640 23
The large garage houses the
Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Bugatti and 12 other top luxury cars.
And 10 out-of-print luxury motorcycles.
Total value of the
If you buy a house, it’s all free.
640 24
What’s even more surprising is that along with these luxury cars are complimentary
He was on the TV show “Flying Wolf.
Helicopter sightings
640 16
And a two-rail sailboat.
I really admire that generosity.
640 17
To make the car collection room more stylish
Next to it, there is a room equipped with
A lounge adorned with more than 100 pieces of beautiful masterpieces.
It’s a real car gallery, no doubt.
Sitting on the sofa, looking at the paintings and admiring the luxury cars is really relaxing!
640 18
640 19
After seeing the entire mansion, I thought
The pleasures of the rich are not for the faint of heart.
As to why the original owner of the house built such a lavish mansion…
People have said that before.
A lot of rich people will spend hundreds of millions and billions on luxury cruises.
The value of a cruise ship goes down as soon as it goes round.
As for luxury properties, they don’t usually depreciate in value, but may even go up.
But then reality slapped us in the face.
So, it’s no big deal if you can’t afford a mansion right now.
It’s like saving yourself money in disguise.
Now we have the idea that if you’ve seen it, you’ve bought it.
Let’s end this luxury trip!
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