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What Causes The Faucet to Release The Colored Water

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What Causes The Faucet to Release The Colored Water


Common causes of colored water

Red water is the most common color of water. As iron pipes age, the inner walls corrode and rust is washed away when the water supply returns or when the water flow fluctuates widely. Trivalent iron is brownish-red, so the faucet appears. The water is red water.

In addition, there is drinking water that is fed by groundwater. When the iron content in the surrounding soil is particularly high, the iron in the water is oxidized to trivalent iron, giving the water a red color.

Black water is mainly caused by oxidized manganese dioxide. The manganese in the tap water is oxidized and deposited on the pipe walls, and the water turns black when it is dropped. This is because red water and black water often occur at the same time. The color of the water is brown or brownish yellow.

With the recent increase in the renovation of the water supply network, the color of newly built buildings has become less due to corrosion of the pipes. However, the corrosion of pipes in old buildings is still very serious, and with the growth of years, if the pipes are not renovated, the corrosion will increase day by day.

Other reasons for discoloration

Sometimes we notice that the water in bathtubs and white porcelain cups takes on a pale yellowish-green color. This condition is usually associated with an excessive amount of organic matter in the water. This is more common in the summer months. For example, if the raw water is contaminated with organic matter, or if the water tower or tank contains a lot of green algae, the water coming out of the tap will have a yellow-green color.

Also, in domestic water, if there is dissolved copper in the copper pipes of the water heater, it will react with the fatty acids in the soap to form a blue substance. However, this phenomenon happens rarely and for a very short period of time.

In summary, we can see that the formerly transparent and colorless water in the faucet turned into colored water, mainly due to secondary pollution of the water supply network. With the current upgrades to the water supply network, this is becoming less and less common. If you are unsure, you can install a faucet water purification system in your home. This will be more secure for the water quality.

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