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What brand of bathroom hardware is good?

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Decoration is difficult, and purchase is even more difficult. Especially for bathroom accessories such as bathroom accessories that have load-bearing requirements and need to be installed on the tiles, most people are reluctant to take the initiative to change them after installation, so they become particularly cautious when buying.

1. Analysis of the types and functions of bathroom accessories

Classified by purpose, bathroom accessories are common: towel bars/rings, towel racks, corner baskets, paper towel racks, toilet brushes, etc. They are distributed in different functional areas of the bathroom, which can not only improve the utilization of space, but also bring cleanliness to the bathroom. Sense of order.

In recent years, in hotels or family bathrooms, this kind of wall-mounted cosmetic mirror with telescopic rods has become popular-an ordinary mirror and a magnifying glass, which are convenient for creating exquisite makeup. It is also a bathroom accessory and is quite friendly to people who like makeup.

There are many types of bathroom accessories, and each has its own good functions. To cater to the market and solve the pain points encountered by users in life, many businesses continue to update, improve and extend new functional styles.

Here are some features worthy of attention to share with you, and welcome to leave a message to add:

1. Towel bar/bath towel rack

Bathrooms are usually designed as a confined space with no ventilation on all sides. Many times the wet towels from the previous night will have a peculiar smell if they are not dried overnight. Some people are used to saving money and are not willing to change towels frequently. For a long time, the towels not only have a sticky feeling , And even mildew appeared, which was very bad.

TIPS: Do not place the pole too close to the wall. For families with large families, consider multi-pole or longer towel racks to increase the hanging space.
There is a big hole here: Don’t see the double-layer pole style that is practical and space-saving. If the distance between the two poles is too narrow, the two layers of towels will not dry, which is worse than the single-pole style.

Now there are electric towel racks on the market, which can heat and dry towels, but the price is higher, and those who have the conditions can buy them, which greatly enhances happiness!

2. Storage basket/corner basket

There are actually many items to be placed in the shower area: shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, shower gel, scrub, facial cleanser, cleansing oil, etc., plus it may be dedicated for men, women, and babies, and the total amount is X2. At this time, a centralized storage area is needed. The corner basket is a good choice. Use the corner of the shower area to not take up too much space. It is within reach and easier to take when taking a shower.

TIPS: Common corner baskets have single-layer and double-layers, and some brands have three-layers and four-layers. In general, the double layer is the style that more people choose. Large and small bottles can hold about 8-12 bottles, which can basically meet the needs of a family of three.

In addition, if you don’t have a suitable corner for installation, you can also choose the wall-mounted storage basket shown below, with a depth of 12~15cm, so that you can place items without excessively protruding the wall and encroaching on the activity space.

In addition to shampoo, shower gel and other products, the shower area also has nowhere to put small things such as shower caps, bath towels, bath brushes, and shampoo brushes. Many people have to put them directly on the shower. Hanging, looks very untidy. Nowadays, some shower corner baskets take these needs into consideration, and add hooks, enclosed waterproof areas and other functions to the products. You may wish to choose according to your needs when purchasing.

Of course, the function of hanging can also be realized by adding hooks. You can buy them by searching for keywords such as “S hook” and “single hook”.

3. Tissue holder

As the name suggests, it is used to put paper towels. The traditional styles on the market are basically as shown in the following two types. The right one has a waterproof and dustproof panel, but the side can’t block it, so the effect is not good, plus now everyone knows To separate dry and wet, this function becomes even more tasteless.

In the past few years, smart phones have not left their hands. More and more manufacturers have begun to add storage platforms to the tissue holders. This function is really convenient. There is a place for mobile phones when going to the toilet. Who uses it?

4. Toilet brush

This kind of wall-mounted toilet brush is common on the market, and it is equipped with a translucent frosted glass, which is a classic style. However, what is worse is that the cup will turn yellow after a long time, and the stain will be vaguely seen through the transparent matte, which feels very disgusting; the wall-mounted model is not easy to replace.

Compared with the common wall-mounted models, I prefer products such as toilet brushes that can be moved flexibly. For example, the floor-standing type shown below, the inner tank can be completely drawn out, which is convenient for cleaning and easy to replace when it is worn; the appearance is also relatively high Atmosphere, do not lose glass money.

2. Analysis of the material and advantages and disadvantages of bathroom accessories

In the high humidity environment of the bathroom, good materials determine the experience and life of bathroom accessories. The four common pendant materials on the market can be said to have their own advantages and disadvantages, and none of them are perfect.

The following is an analysis for you one by one, you can choose according to your own conditions and needs.

1. Brass pendant

Advantages: good durability, good texture, high value, high grade

Disadvantage: expensive

Brass is not 100% copper, but copper alloy, such as H59, H62 copper (the number is copper content). Although the price of raw materials is not low, the processing cost is also high, but because brass has high plating adhesion, long-term use is not easy to peel off, and has good durability. Many big brands in bathroom prefer brass material for electroplating process, and the appearance of the product is bright. , Rich in texture, can be said to be the choice of high-end quality.

2. Stainless steel pendant

Advantages: moderate price, good strength and durability

Disadvantages: the appearance and texture are relatively average

Stainless steel pendants are very common. There are two types of 201 and 304. They are different in composition, performance and price. 201 has low cost and unstable performance. It is easy to rust when placed in a humid environment for a long time in the bathroom; 304 has high cost and relative quality. And performance is better, not easy to rust in a humid environment.

The surface of the 201 material needs to be electroplated, and the 304 material is mostly brushed, but because of the high content of nickel, the surface will feel a little yellowish. It is mentioned here that electroplating on the surface of stainless steel pendants will be more beautiful, but it is not easy to distinguish the pros and cons (201 or 304). Here is a recommendation: 304 should look for wire drawing or polishing on the surface. The electroplating model should be produced by a large manufacturer, and the material will be more transparent.

In general, the strength, functionality, and durability of stainless steel pendants are still good, but the appearance and texture are inferior to brass pendants.

3. Aluminum pendant

Advantages: cheap, light and durable

Disadvantages: single shape, rough workmanship, long-term darkening in humid environment

Space aluminum itself is light in weight, and its thickness and gloss are much worse than that of brass plating. It is generally made of matte silver white. Although the texture is average, but in general it bears good weight and is not easy to deform. The cost is low, and you can buy a full set of bathroom accessories for two to three hundred.

In Japan, the aluminum pendants of some manufacturers are quite exquisite, and the cost is not low; but in China, because of the high degree of difficulty in processing (aluminum has a high melting point), the shape is usually simpler and the craftsmanship is rough, compared to other pendant products It is reduced to low-end goods. Although aluminum pendants will not rust, they will oxidize and darken if they are exposed to high humidity in the bathroom for a long time.

Reason to buy: There are budget restrictions to buy

2. Zinc alloy pendant

Advantages: diverse shapes, cheaper than brass

Disadvantages: make more accessories, the plating will fall off after a long time

Zinc alloy has strong plasticity, low cost of process design such as bending (about 2/3 of brass), and it is widely used in the field of bathroom hardware. Due to the poor adhesion of zinc alloy to the electroplated layer, although the appearance of the zinc alloy product when it is brand new is almost the same as that of brass electroplating, the durability is much worse. After a long time, the plating layer will fall off and peel. It is mainly used as the main body in China. Accessories, such as handles, flange covers, etc., to reduce costs.

In foreign countries, some high-end brands also have pure zinc alloy products (GROHE, Hansgrohe), but in China, few manufacturers generally use zinc alloy as the main body of the rack. When purchasing, pay attention to distinguishing unscrupulous merchants. Zinc alloy pendants are sold as brass pendants.

Reason for buying: moderate price and good style.

Recommendation index: ★★☆

3. Brand recommendation and comparative purchase analysis

There are a lot of knowledge points, but not everyone loves it, so how to buy bathroom accessories back to the source?

As the saying goes, there is a specialty in the art industry, and a brand that does a good job in ceramics does not necessarily do a good job in hardware. If you want value for money and can absorb rain and dew, you must first figure out which brands are better for bathroom accessories. We won’t introduce the taller foreign brands. Those German original brands can cost thousands, and the towel rack can cost 3,000, which is really no blessing. Here are some well-known hardware pendant brands that feel that the price is relatively moderate.

1. Dilang: I have been professionally making bathroom accessories in the past 20 years. I have visited their showroom on business trips before. The electroplating is considered very advanced. The positioning is relatively high-end, so the materials used in their home accessories are basically copper, and the price is not cheap, but compared to the thousands of foreign brands such as GROHE, that is really insignificant.

2. Moen: Buying faucets and showers are worth recommending, and the product quality control is well done. Their more distinctive faucets, showers and other hardware, except for copper, are mostly stainless steel, but the price is higher.

3. Hengjie: Mainly engaged in ceramic sanitary ware, as well as hardware pendants. Many people bought their toilets and found them to be good. Other accessories were also bought at his home, and the quality is above average.

4. Yading: Speaking of bathroom hardware, I believe everyone is familiar with this brand. Most of their products are exported, and about 70% of them are exported to Europe and the United States. They do a good job in quality control, and there are few domestic publicity and activities.

5. Songlin: It started as an OEM and has a history of more than 20 years in the sanitary hardware industry. In the past few years, it has been in the domestic market and has seen publicity from time to time. Looking at the style and price, I think it’s pretty good.

6. Jiu Mu: There are a lot of advertisements and it is very famous. Basically, there are people who mention Jiu Mu about what sanitary products you buy. The main hardware products are okay, but it is recommended to buy them at the flagship store, and the dealers will forget it.

7. Kabe: A Wenzhou company, especially the bathroom accessories involved in a complete range of accessories, all kinds of materials, the price is also very affordable.

8. Submarine: Good at processing copper, stainless steel and other castings. The company’s main bathroom accessories, but their most famous product is floor drain!!! It still has a good reputation in e-commerce, and the price is moderate.

Take a single product as an example to analyze how to choose pendants of the same material and different brands:

1. Space aluminum material-double-layer corner basket

Speaking of space aluminum pendants, I personally like Kabe.

The price is one aspect. The product can be compared from the real shot bathroom corner basket in the picture above: under the same light, the Kabe corner basket looks soft and white, relatively thick, and has a smooth surface, and there is no obvious sand to the touch. Grain feeling; the nine animal husbandry corner baskets look slim, which may be due to the problem of express delivery. There are still some scratches on the surface, and the texture is slightly weaker, but fortunately, more holes have a good drainage effect

2.304 stainless steel-toilet paper holder

Stainless steel pendants are recommended to be treated with mirror light and wire drawing. After mirror treatment, the surface of the pendant will show a bright texture like electroplating, which is more beautiful, but also because the polished stainless steel will be relatively thinner. The brushed surface is light yellow, with a heavy metal feel. As for the beauty or not, it depends on the individual.

3. Brass material-bath towel rack

If recommended by the brand, Dilang did a good job! The surface plating of their pendant is as outstanding as its price. In addition, the thickness of the material can be measured from the weight. Relatively speaking, the thicker the pipe is less likely to be deformed; there is also the size, as mentioned above, in order to facilitate the drying of multiple towels, the length and spacing of the rods should be longer/larger , The rod length is normal six to seven hundred, depending on the environment of your own bathroom.

Finally, a summary

If you want to buy bathroom accessories, you want a price of 70$ and the quality is guaranteed. You can learn about Kabe. For a high budget and a sense of luxury, look at Dilang. I won’t say much, I hope everything that you pay for is worth having.

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