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The Ultimate Guide To How To Choose 6 Categories Of Bathroom Accessories

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In the decoration, it is often said that “golden kitchen and silver bathroom”, in addition to toilets, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets and other large items, bathroom hardware is also very, very important. If the shower is not selected properly, it will rust, block, and have bacteria. If the floor drain is not selected, it will be blocked, backwatered, smelly, etc. This article will discuss how to purchase bathroom hardware.

1. Shower

1. Bathroom hardware is selected from the material, copper chrome plating is the best, followed by stainless steel chrome plating, aluminum alloy chrome plating, iron chromium alloy. (It is recommended to use copper and chrome-plated material for the shower head, which is durable and beautiful.)

2. The material of copper is divided into 52 copper, 55 copper, 59 copper and 62 copper. National standards stipulate that the copper content of sanitary products is 59%, the lead content is 1%, and the rest are elements such as zinc, which is the so-called 59 copper. Therefore, when choosing sanitary products, we should choose 59 copper or 62 copper, too low copper plasticity and corrosion resistance will not be ideal.

3. Judge whether it’s good or bad by tapping with your hand, with a crisp sound, good quality, and don’t choose if the sound is dull. Observing the surface coating, it is clean and flawless, and can be used as a mirror, indicating that the electroplating layer is relatively high-quality. The high-quality coating is divided into three layers. The bottom layer is nickel-plated, the middle is plated with acid copper and electrolytic copper, and the surface is chrome-plated.

4. Face the breath with your mouth, the fog disappears quickly and obviously, indicating that the copper is chrome-plated. If it disappears slowly or there are traces, it is stainless steel.

5. Regarding constant temperature showers, gas water heaters are generally installed in homes. The water heater itself has a constant temperature effect and can effectively control the water temperature. But sometimes because of the influence of water pressure, or someone washing hands while taking a bath, etc., the water temperature will be hot and cold. The core of the thermostatic shower is its valve core, which can perform self-control according to the set temperature. Regulate the water temperature without the hassle of adjusting and adjusting. At the same time, the thermostatic shower also has a scald-proof function. If the switch is accidentally touched and the water temperature exceeds the set temperature, it will automatically cut off the water. It is recommended that the elderly and children at home use a thermostatic shower. (The premise of adjusting the temperature of the thermostatic shower is that the preset temperature of the water heater is higher than the preset temperature of the thermostatic shower, so that the water temperature can be effectively adjusted.)

6. It is recommended to use silica gel nozzles for shower nozzles. Usually, due to the influence of water quality, it is easy to form scale at the nozzles for a long time. In this case, the scale can be easily removed by touching the rubber particles by hand.

7. It is recommended to use the shower with air injection function. The air injection function is to inject air into the water, so that the water will become soft, and it will feel very comfortable to shower on the body.

8. There is a cUPC certification for pipe sanitary products, and cUPC-certified sanitary products can also reflect the excellent quality of the product. Therefore, when buying a shower, you can check whether there is cUPC certification, which is also one of the standards for quality inspection.


2. Faucet

1. The choice of faucet material is the same as the shower head. It is recommended to use copper and chrome plated material. The copper core can play a very good role in preventing rust, and the surface is treated with electroplating chromium, even if it is used for a long time, it will be as bright as new after rubbing.

2. The valve core inside the faucet is preferably made of ceramic material, with good sealing performance, normal running water, and not easy to retain bacteria.
3. It is recommended to use a pull-out faucet, which is super convenient to use.
Three, towel rack

1. Chrome plating on copper

A layer of chromium is plated on the surface of the copper. The finish is good. The physical properties of chromium are stable and wear-resistant. After many years of scrubbing, it will be the same as a new one. Copper and chrome-plated materials are relatively cost-effective, and the quality is also excellent. Therefore, copper chrome-plated materials are recommended.

2. Zinc alloy

Can be made in many colors, styles and styles
3. Copper material

It has good stability and high density. After electroplating and polishing, it has certain anti-rust performance and does not fade. Of course, the price is relatively high. Owners who have a sense of quality can choose a copper towel rack.

4. Stainless steel

Low-grade stainless steel is easy to rust. It is recommended to use stainless steel above 304. The surface can be polished and brushed, with good texture and high cost performance.

5. Space aluminum

Space aluminum material is light in weight, good toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and excellent performance. It is strongly recommended to buy space aluminum material, which is durable.

6. Alumina

After the metal aluminum is oxidized, the hardness is greatly improved, it does not rust, does not oxidize and blacks, and has good wear resistance. It belongs to a category of products with high cost performance.
Four, corner basket

1. The corner basket is generally placed in the corner of the bathroom, and does not take up space. It is used to put toiletries and is very convenient to use。
2. From the material, the corner basket can be divided into stainless steel, glass and plastic materials. Since the corner baskets will contain shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, toothbrush cups and other toiletries, there are many things and the weight is not light, so it is recommended to use double-layer stainless steel corner baskets for easy cleaning and stable structure Good, strong bearing capacity.
Five, angle valve

Although the angle valve is a small object, don’t ignore its importance. Angle valves of poor quality are prone to water leakage and pipe bursts.

1. In terms of material, copper material has better corrosion resistance. It is best not to use alloy material. Alloy material is easy to corrode and rust, which will cause water leakage. Replace it after rusting, it is easy to break into the water receiving port, which is very troublesome to replace.
2. The thicker the wall thickness of the angle valve, the better its explosion-proof and compression resistance. The wall thickness of a good angle valve reaches 3.4mm. It is equivalent to the thickness of two one-yuan coins.
3. The high-quality electroplating layer can also ensure the corrosion resistance. The high-quality coating is divided into three layers, the bottom layer is nickel-plated, the middle is plated with acid copper and electrolytic copper, and the surface is plated with chrome. The surface of the coating is as smooth as a mirror, with no flaws.
Six, floor drain

The floor drain is an important interface between the drainage pipe and the indoor floor, and an important drainage component. Its performance directly determines the fluency of drainage, and has the functions of preventing odor, insects, clogging, germs, and backflow. If the floor drain is not selected properly, if it needs to be replaced, it is easy to damage the waterproof layer and water seepage may occur. Causes the hidden danger of water leakage, so you should buy a good floor drain to avoid trouble.

1. Water-sealed floor drain

The water-sealed floor drain is also called the U-shaped floor drain. It relies on the water in the water storage cavity to isolate the smell. The water depth must be greater than 50mm to have sufficient sealing pressure to prevent the odor from returning. Therefore, the depth of the water-sealed floor drain is relatively deep, and the drainage resistance is large, and it is easy to deposit sludge and hair in the U-shaped pipe, causing blockage. Another problem is that after the water stored in the floor drain evaporates, if there is no water flow in again, the deodorization effect will be affected due to insufficient water storage. At the same time, the water-sealed floor drain has no mechanical isolation structure on the structure, so it cannot play the role of preventing overflow and insects. .
2. Hollow cylinder type mechanical seal floor drain

This kind of floor drain is also called T-shaped floor drain, flap floor drain, and side drain floor drain. The floor drain is opened by the gravity of the water when draining, and the floor drain will automatically close after the water is drained. This kind of floor drain can prevent insects very well, but generally this kind of floor drain will use a spring, and the spring will be broken after a long time, and the sealing pressure is not enough to prevent the odor.

3. Energy storage liner type mechanical seal floor drain

This kind of floor drain overcomes the defects of the above two types of floor drains. An inner tank is added to the inner core of the floor drain, and the inner tank is filled with water in the floor drain, and the floor drain is opened by the gravity of the inner tank. This kind of floor drain has constant opening force, large displacement and excellent performance.

In summary, we can judge the performance of the hardware by its material and structure. Buying good hardware can save a lot of trouble in later use.


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