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What Are The Characteristics Of Automatic Faucet?

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So what are the functions of the automatic faucet besides the automatic water outlet? Today, the editor will take you to understand the automatic faucet. 1. Features of automatic faucet: 1. Adopt integrated intelligent chip control. 2. The main body of the faucet is fully casted with copper and the surface is chrome plated. 3. Intelligent water saving: the water is produced when the sensor is inducted, and the water is shut off when the sensor is overtimed for 30 seconds to avoid the waste of water resources caused by foreign objects in the sensor area for a long time. 4. Integrated design, adjustable heat and cold; original external power supply (pool) design, easy installation and maintenance. 5. Hygiene and safety: non-contact use, effectively prevent bacterial cross infection, hygienic and safe. 6. The sensing distance is adjustable: it can be adjusted freely within the sensing distance of 6-35cm according to the needs of the site space. Second, the function of automatic faucet: 1, intelligent water saving: automatic induction control on and off, the hand or water container, washing items into the sensing range, the faucet will automatically discharge water, the water will stop after leaving, the water saving function is significant . 2. Overtime protection: 30 seconds overtime washing and automatic water shut-off function, to avoid the waste of water resources caused by foreign objects in the sensing range for a long time. 3. Convenient and hygienic: water switching is completed automatically by the sensor, and the human hand does not need to touch the faucet, effectively avoiding bacterial cross infection. 4. Intelligent power saving: using modern digital technology, ultra-low energy consumption. 5. Strong adaptability: the sensitivity can be adjusted according to different usage environments. 6. Production process: precision casting of brass, chrome plating on the surface, permanent gloss retention; streamlined design, strong modern sense. 7. Convenient maintenance: built-in filter to prevent impurities from flowing into the solenoid valve to affect normal work, and easy to clean. 8. Weak current reminder: DC-type products are equipped with a battery replacement reminder function. When the battery power is insufficient, the indicator light is always on, prompting to replace the battery in time.

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