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We should be noted when selecting a wall mount faucet

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  1. There are not many faucet parts that need to be placed on the wall. However, once the fittings are installed, they cannot be replaced. Therefore, it is better to choose some high quality products that you need to buy. Until you have a thorough understanding of this type of faucet and accessories.
  2. When purchasing a faucet, try as much as possible, mainly to try the switch handle is convenient, not only to choose a beautiful style, but ignore the practicality of the product, good quality faucet in the switch is usually smooth resistance, while the inferior faucet does not have this function; In addition, if you choose inductive wall-mounted faucet, be sure to try the inductive switch is sensitive, you know that many in the market inductive The faucets are poorly sensitive. Not only does it fail to save water, but it is also inconvenient to use.
  3. The dimensions of the wall-mounted faucet are fixed. After installation, its use is also related to the size of the basin, bathtub, etc. Therefore, when buying, you must first understand the basin and bathtub in your own bathroom space. The distance from the wall, so that when choosing the faucet, you can accurately choose the length of the outlet, and the location of the faucet outlet can not be close to the edge of the basin or bathtub, otherwise, it will affect the convenience of use.
  4. When purchasing such faucets, it is recommended to choose faucets made of copper material or ceramic valve, because it has good sealing performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, antioxidant resistance, in short, it is used. The life span is quite long.
  5. Try to choose the regular sanitary brand manufacturers to buy, wall-mounted taps are not easy to replace or repair once they are renovated, so the after-sales service must be written into the contract when buying to ensure subsequent use.
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