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The 6 misunderstandings of faucet

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Most families do not need space and use requirements, just buy a lot of the same faucet installed in the home, which is not scientific, a family can be installed at least single cold, cold and warm, foam three types of faucets.

1. At least three, different space to install faucets

According to the purpose can be divided into basin, kitchen basin, bathtub, washing machine and mop pool faucet, etc., according to the function and structure can be divided into single-cooling ordinary faucet, induction faucet, cold and warm faucet. With faucets and other water-saving faucets, basins, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, faucets are generally used cold and warm type and bubbler type, washing machine and mop pool faucet can be used single cold type, balcony and other places are generally not recommended to buy faucets with bubbler, so that can speed up the washing and dragging speed, increase the ability to flush, but also have a certain effect of water saving.

2. Hot and cold faucets can not be directly a pipe

Hot and cold water faucets use the different opening angles of the ceramic valve core to control the mixing ratio of hot and cold water to achieve the water temperature adjustment function. If your home does have only one cold water pipe and you buy a hot and cold water faucet, it is recommended that you can get both at the same time. On the two inlet pipes, and then a corner valve, the other with a wire plug blocked.

3. The faucet and the water pipe link must have an angle valve

All hot and cold water faucets (with hot and cold water inlet pipe) must use angle valve and water pipe connection, and like washing machine faucet, mop pool faucet can be directly connected to the water pipe, so do not need angle valve. Generally, each hot and cold water faucet requires two angle valves to fit. If a leak occurs in the faucet, simply turn off the angle valve and it won’t affect the water in the rest of the home.

4. The outside and inside of the faucet should be cleaned regularly

After the faucet is installed, surface stain fingerprints are recommended to be cleaned every other month. The surface is cleaned with water and dried with a soft cloth; while the exterior brightness maintenance can be cleaned with car wax once a month. Surface cleaning is for aesthetics, and internal cleaning is the most important factor in service life.

In addition, if the faucet appears to reduce the amount of water or water fork, it means that the faucet’s bubbler is clogged. In this case, the blister should be removed, soaked in vinegar, and cleaned with a small brush or other tool. Then reinstall it.
Most people are used to using the faucet straight away in the morning. However, in general, before using the faucet the next day, you should drain the water that has accumulated in the faucet.

5. The faucet cannot be used immediately

Long-term retention of faucet water can cause the protective film of lead to detach and the lead element to precipitate when dissolved in water. Especially the traditional faucet and water pipes are more likely to rust and pollute the water, so in the early use, the first water pipes will be stored in the yellow water drainage.

6. Replace the faucet regularly

If the faucet product is a brand with a good reputation, it can be replaced every five years. If it is a faucet product with relatively little or no brand protection, it is recommended to replace it once a year. As for washing machines and other non-drinking faucets, they can be used for a long time. It doesn’t matter at all that you have to replace them once every 6-7 years.

Drinking water and water can be said to control the lifeblood of our daily lives. If you want to protect your water health in daily life, you should pay more attention to the details of the installation and use of the faucet to avoid the source of harm from the root.

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