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Common Mistakes in The Installation and Use of Faucets

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Common Mistakes in The Installation and Use of Faucets


Myth 1: The same type of faucet is installed in different functional areas.

According to the different functional areas, the faucets mainly include basin faucets, bathtub faucets, washing machine faucets and sink faucets, while the faucets of different functional areas have different structures and functions, the faucets of basin, sink and bathtub generally use two kinds of faucets: cold and bubbling type. Washing machine faucets only require a single cold faucet, as the single cold faucet flows faster and can be a water saver.

Myth 2: Hot and cold water pipes are not separated.

Under normal circumstances, the hot and cold water faucet controls the mixing ratio of hot and cold water, such as regulating the water temperature, through the different opening angles of the ceramic valve cores at both ends. If there is only a cold water pipe, you can install hot and cold water faucets can be connected to two inlet hoses, and then install the upper angle valve.

Myth 3: The faucet is not connected to the water line using an angle valve.

Angled washing machines don’t need hot water, so they can be connected directly to the water line.

Myth 4: Faucets are not cleaned regularly.

Many families never pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of their faucets after installing them. The faucet not only ensures water quality, but also has various faults that affect its use. In fact, the right way is to clean it every once in a while, and the stains and water stains on the surface can be wiped clean with a clean cloth. If there is a thick accumulation of scale inside, just pour the faucet pipe. Soak it in white vinegar for a while, then open the hot water valve to drain it.

Myth 5: Faucets were not replaced regularly.

Generally, faucets can be replaced after five years of use. Long-term use of the interior will commend a lot of bacteria and dirt, which can cause harm to the human body over time. Replace the faucet after five years.

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