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Under pressure from Trump, shower standards to be revised – Red & Black Student Newspaper

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Under pressure from Trump, shower standards to be revised – Red & Black Student Newspaper

(Washington) The US government is seeking to relax standards for conserving shower water after Donald Trump complained about insufficient water pressure for his hair.


France Media Agency

The US Department of Energy on Wednesday proposed a change in the standards for shower heads, to allow the installation of several heads on a single fitting, a way to bypass water saving measures set up under George HW Bush.

The standards established in 1992 limit the water flow to 9.5 liters per minute for showers and it was decided in 2011 that the multi-jet showers were a unique device to which the limitation applied, recalls the magazine Forbes .

With the change intended by the Trump administration, the restriction on the flow of water will apply to each jet of water instead of the entire system.

The announcement comes after complaints from Donald Trump, a notorious climate skeptic, about insufficient water pressure in showers.

“Shower heads – you take a shower, the water is not flowing. You want to wash your hands, the water is not flowing. So what are you doing? Are you staying there longer or taking a longer shower? Because my hair – I don’t know about you, but mine must be perfect. Perfect, ”the president explained in July to reporters at the White House.

The Republican billionaire has been fighting a battle to increase the flow and pressure of water in bathroom facilities for several months.

“[Les gens] take a shower, the water comes in small drops, it flows very slowly, people flush the toilet 10 times, 15 times, instead of one, they end up using more water, ”Donald Trump had assured in December.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “will carefully examine sinks and showers and other items in bathrooms,” he said.

This plan joins Donald Trump’s “repeated unfounded complaints” that “toilets, faucets and other domestic installations have been destroyed by federal energy efficiency standards,” said Andrew deLaski, director of the Appliance Standards Awareness Project association, dedicated to energy saving.

According to him, the new measures proposed on shower heads will “waste enormous amounts of water and energy, which will increase bills and greenhouse gas emissions”, a- he said in a blog.

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