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The water from the current domestic faucets have a lot of bubbles

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Advantages Of The Bubbler

Water Savings, Mainly Through Multi-Layer Filtration

  1. Buffering water flow, concentrating the water column, mixing air to increase the contact water area, constant water flow.
  2. Scenario, faucet without bubbler water column dispersion, difficult to touch by hand or small contact surface, too much water waste; bubbler with touch switch (solid) can quickly block the flow of water to further save water (45%).
  3. Adjustable water flow of the bubbler can be mandated water amount to achieve water savings (35-85%).

Prevent splashing, the water column is uniform after buffering, and the water column is vertical to reduce splashing.

Hygienic, multi-layer filter to filter most sediment and impurities, bubbler with touch switch to reduce contact with faucet.

Constant water flow / water delivery, with pressure compensation or flow limiting device (shower room common), can ensure a certain amount of water when the water pressure is too low, water pressure is too high to limit the amount of water, water pressure is unstable to stabilize the amount of water.


The Working Principle Of Faucet Bubbler

  1. The bubbler is installed in the spout discharge end, when the water is mixed (increase) the air device. The hand feels more comfortable and free when washing hands, but the inference is that “it allows the water and air flowing through it to mix well, reducing the water pressure and increasing the flushing force of the water, thus effectively reducing water use. volume.” This is indeed irresponsible and highly irresponsible (I hope the expert who made this point wasn’t very clear, or simply misunderstood by us).

From the point of view of the fluid continuity principle, the bubbler essentially reduces the velocity of the tap water jet, reduces the impact, reduces the impulse (and experts admit that the water pressure is reduced).

The essence of purification and washing is force. Water is only the material carrier that transmits the force. The only way to increase the efficiency of water use is to enhance and increase the impulsive force of the water and the impact of the particles. Foam machines can only slow down and reduce the velocity of the water flow. The impulse of tap water and the impact of particles are high. Therefore, it is not possible to save water by installing a bubbler. (If you want to use more water, you can experiment and compare and come to your own conclusions).

  1. A faucet bubbler changes the “pipe flow” of water into a “line flow” at the outlet of the faucet, which is then changed into a “jet flow” by the pressure of air, and then into a “diversion”. The water is beaten evenly, softening the water. The air pressure gives power to the water and reduces the flow without affecting the use of the water. It can reduce water bills, lower energy consumption and reduce emissions.

The water-saving sprinkler can effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt and eliminate the possibility of bacterial growth, and effectively maintain human health while saving water and energy and protecting the environment.

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