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The Installation Differences of Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet

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The Installation Differences of Kitchen Faucet and Bathroom Faucet


  1. Before installing the faucet, it is necessary to flush the water, wash the mud and impurities in the water pipe, remove debris from the mounting holes, and check the fittings in the box for impurities that may clog or wear the ceramic valve core.
  2. Connect the water pipe with a metal hose, no need to consider the location of the water pipe installation, but note that the length of the hose is generally 30 cm (import size, individual brands or hard pipe), with a metal pipe to connect the water pipe, should be bought first after the program, according to the faucet hard pipe laying the length of the water pipe, of course, in life, the hard pipe is better than the hose, similarly, the installation of the sink faucet, laid above the sink, such as the pipe is installed in the wall The sink faucet is the best, and install the ordinary sink faucet instead.
  3. Imported faucet on the relevant parts of the requirements and domestic faucet is different. General entrance faucet top water pipe with soft and hard points, and with the hose (stainless steel braided tube), mostly, the activity of the nut end of the inch system 3/8 inch, with the matching can be used in the entrance of the triangle valve already, in addition, the mouth of the launch component for 11/4 inch.
  4. When connecting pipes, the left side is hot water, the right side is cold water. The two pipes are 100mm-200mm apart.5. After the inlet joint position is fixed, remove the faucet again, and install the faucet after the wall masonry is completed to avoid the surface coating of the faucet being worn and scratched. If you use shower and other imported products, pre-install the booster pump to ensure normal water.

(1)The installation method of single hole kitchen faucet

Demand for stability, because the kitchen faucet to use more frequently, plus to move to move, easy to loosen, because this locking nut must be tightened. Now there are several nuts on the market to increase the nut fixed as a spiral tube, this stability effect is very good, if you can solve the problem of going to water lifting, will be a popular trend in the future.

(2) Installation method of single-hole basin faucet

When buying a single handle basin faucet, you should pay attention to the diameter of the water outlet, now most of the market belongs to the hard tube injection, so you should pay attention to the height of the reserved water outlet, 35 cm from the stage basin under the most appropriate. In the installation, be sure to choose to match the special angle valve, and the angle valve must be and the wall outlet of the cold and hot water pipe fixed. When it is found that a distance is required between the angle valve and the upstream conduit of the faucet, a special extension must be purchased to connect it, not to other conduits, because if the water pressure is high, it is easy to fall off and leak, causing you damage. If the inlet pipe is too long over the outlet pipe, you can cut off part of it as you need it, and if the angle is not right, you can bend it to where you need it to be. Do not bend hard to 90° or greater than 90°. When installing a basin drain, please don’t forget to purchase a small port faucet. Don’t forget to rinse the pipe that is buried in the wall before installation.

(3) Installation of thermostatic faucets

Before installing the thermostatic faucet, please check that the conduit is left hot and right cold, and never connect the hot and cold conduit wrongly so that the faucet will not work properly. Gas and solar water heaters cannot use thermostatic faucets because the water pressure is too low. Please don’t forget to install hot and cold water filters when installing thermostatic faucets.

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