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The Forest Wonderland, Start A Dream Journey丨Rongqiao Decoration + MU Design

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Rongqiao-Xingyu is located in the value area of the South Second Ring Road of Fuzhou. Its residential product form echoes deeply with the young generation’s view of life and living. It is dedicated to opening the entrance of quality life and presenting a different trend, art and emerging life. The soft decoration of its sales center is created by Rongqiao Decoration in conjunction with Zhongmu Design.



Nowadays, the concept of “de-selling” has spread and penetrated into every aspect of the sales center design, whether from the formulation of the theme, the shaping of the structure, or the decorations. Zhongmu Design, which always insists on the core concept of “living in harmony with life”, believes that the various “CO-LIFE aesthetic experience centers” born under this trend are essentially a new solution to the insight and linkage of multiple lifestyles. It is a youthful, composite and sustainable community interactive scene that extends the endless imagination of a better life.


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Left: Illustration of Alice in Wonderland / Right: Design intention

Therefore, the design team took inspiration from the storyline of “Alice in Wonderland” for the case of Fuzhou Rongqiao-Xingyu Sales Center. In the contemporary context, the space is given the soft decoration theme of “Forest Wonderland, Garden Wandering”. It strengthens the traffic attributes of the space from multiple dimensions, such as aesthetic experience, artistic fun, and memory points, highlighting the uniqueness of the new generation’s trendy lifestyle.

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Reception Hall

The main narrative line of the space is linked by a curved doorway of different shapes. It is not only a natural connection between the functional areas, but also a clever metaphor of “rabbit hole”, which is embellished with artistic forest elements and rabbit-themed floral installations. This enriches the thematic and hierarchical beauty of the space. People are shuttled through different entrances, traversing between different wonderlands and opening a dream journey.

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Negotiation Area

Passing through a transition hall with green branches and vines, one enters the negotiation area. The color of this room is mainly fresh forest green. Under the rich natural atmosphere and the outdoor scenery introduced by large floor-to-ceiling windows, people’s senses are immersed in the forest wonderland of reality and reality, achieving a relaxed state of mind and body.

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In-depth negotiation area

A semi-arc-shaped seating area is enclosed by verdant cactus and drifting reeds, with a rippling coffee table, dewdrop-shaped lamps and moss ornaments hanging in mid-air, the whole space is filled with an intimate and dreamy natural flavor.

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 Water Bar

No matter where one stands, one’s eyes can linger between “holes” and “caves”, extending a different frame picture. From the negotiation area to the water bar, the design slowly fades from the strong ink to the harmonious relationship of mint green, simple white and vintage gold. The designer’s furnishing idea always revolves around the natural context and simple aesthetics, which are either figuratively or abstractly portrayed, and the scene is wonderful and poetic with pure language.

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Sandbox area

The irregular windows and doorways laid out by the designer in an abstract way make the aesthetic scenes between the adjacent areas partially overlap and cross. When people are in this area, it visually deepens the sense of depth and hierarchy. The lines of the curved light strips echo the lines of the doorways. They reflect each other and enclose a contemporary space with a minimalist style.

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Tea Room/VIP Room

Here, the designer wanted to create a space with a clear atmosphere like a clear tea. It features a simple and elegant wooden tea table, white ceramic tea sets, transparent and interesting triangular chairs, and an art specimen installation made of different butterflies and leaves. In the light and elegant atmosphere, it awakens the nature that exists in the space, as if the only sound is the boiling of tea soup.



The design team has been practicing the philosophy of natural space. Its core lies in “living in harmony with life” and interpreting the philosophy of life with artistic strokes. In the case of Fuzhou Rongqiao-Xingyu sales center, the designers continue their contemporary approach of sculpting life and expressing aesthetics, and give the sales center a new tone as a collection of multiple lifestyles. In the arc of the doorway, in the dense variation of light and shadow, and in the fairy tale atmosphere of the forest wonderland, a poetic and art-filled living experience hall is set up. This is a young gravitational field that carries longing and imagination.

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Floor plan


Project Name|Fuzhou Rongqiao-Starhill Sales Center

Project Address|Fujian Fuzhou

Owner|Rongqiao Group Fuzhou Company

Design Area|Sales Office 472㎡

Soft furnishing design|Rongqiao Decoration Company, Zhongmu Design

Design Team|RongQiao Design Department, Pan Xianting, Chen Jun, Tian Di, Ren Xingli

Hard furnishing design|Shanghai Daji Architectural Design Consulting Co.

Special Thanks|R&D Center of Rongqiao Group

Photography Team|Ruhaha


Fujian Rongqiao Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rongqiao Group. At present, it has the first-class qualification of professional contracting for building decoration engineering and the special class B qualification of building decoration engineering design. It covers the design and construction (including soft decoration engineering) of decoration and decoration of real estate residential demonstration area, batch finishing, commercial, hotel, education and medical projects. The company is committed to building a professional team with first-class design and construction level, and becoming an influential decoration enterprise in the national industry.

Founded in 2010 in Shanghai, “Zhongmu Design” provides space design, soft furnishings design, furniture design and manufacturing and overall accessories procurement services for leading hotel groups and real estate companies, covering the design and realization of boutique hotels, sales clubs, villas and model houses.

Our core design philosophy is to “live in harmony with life”, and we have been adhering to the spirit of innovation for more than 10 years. We have been working in the field of urban real estate and cultural tourism real estate for more than 10 years, and with our rigorous design logic and professional integration ability, we help our partners to determine product positioning, design planning and implementation, and provide excellent design solutions. In our design, we explore the relationship between nature, humanity and life, and create unique spatial experiences with contemporary design language to present the beauty of life.

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