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Fabric-Like Soft And Metallic Glossy Decorative Material – Metal Curtain

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Metal curtain is a decorative material that has been used more often in recent years. It expands the range of architectural decorative materials available, while providing excellent interior decorative properties. It has now become the new favorite of modern mainstream decorative art. Today we will study, what is metal curtain?

01. What is metal curtain?

02.Material characteristics of metal curtain

03.Types of metal curtain

04.The installation method of metal curtain

05.The application of metal curtain



What is metal curtain?

Metal curtain, also known as metal bead curtain and metal cloth, is a new modern decorative material. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, brass, carbon steel and other alloy materials. It has the softness of fabric and the glossiness of metal, and is widely used in the field of architectural interior landscape art installations.

Metal curtain with track, can be stretched left and right like curtains. It is widely used in space division, wall decoration, screen, etc.. It is also the ideal material for showroom, hotel decoration.

Metal mesh curtain natural metallic color, with different changes in light and the reflection effect produced by the light. Through the metal mesh curtain, forming a partitioned but continuous overall space. It is a kind of hazy perspective different from glass, giving people a sense of visual openness and unlimited imagination.

The clever use of lighting design can make it from a metal curtain at night, into a soft muslin, forming a hazy and poetic space.



Metal curtain material characteristics



Metal curtain is anodized and can be made into bronze, chrome, imitation gold, antique copper, gunmetal, coffee and other colors. It is colorful, non-fading and corrosion-resistant. Its color, width and height can be customized at will. It can also be made into frosted, laser and other effects.



There is a certain distance between each group of metal mesh curtain mesh holes, and the distance and thickness can be customized according to the requirements. Generally there are 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and other different specifications.



1、It has high strength, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and high functionality. Its surface is specially treated, more resistant to high temperature and no fading.

2、It has vivid and strong decorative effect, and can play a good role in protecting the building structure.

3、It is easy and quick to install.

4, Different light, different environment, different time period, different observation angle, its visual effect is very rich.

5、Summer grid will filter the sun rays to produce shadows and reduce the temperature of the room. Winter permeability allows the sun to shine through, reducing the cost of insulation.

6、It is applied to various occasions and uses, showing elegant temperament and extraordinary personality.



Types of metal curtain

Metal curtain comes with a golden industrial texture, and it can be applied to indoor or public space with a distinctive style. It also has a variety of mesh types.







d.Hook metal curtain


04.Installation method of metal curtain

There are usually two ways to hang metal mesh curtains. One is to hang the window fabric along the side of the metal mesh curtain by sliding the guide. The other is to hang the whole window cloth, on the wall of the metal mesh curtain. It is available in different installation methods, fixed, sliding or removable, allowing for more variations in form and function of the façade.



Application of metal curtain

a.Chongqing Vanke 17 Mile

Interior Design: ENJOY DESIGN

The Sichuan opera face is the most expressive visual image. The design dramatically integrates the artistic shape of Sichuan opera face into the space. The large painting metal with curtain soft lighting and fashionable flowing colors, both industrial texture and cultural connotation, is a collision of traditional culture and trendy products.

b.Transformation of the suspended box, Portugal


This project is the renovation and expansion of a restaurant. The interior space revolves around a flexible metal woven curtain suspension installation. The thin, transparent mesh structure resembles the strong flow of wind, bringing dynamic changes to the wide but dimly lit roof in a very artistic way.


c. Xi’an Red Star Tianpu Landscape

Design: Landau

A circular cloister surrounds the ink pond. The inkwell aluminum metal roller curtain hangs in it, and the drapery cluster seems to be permeable. It is like clouds and fog, making the whole space filled with the literati’s “ink qi” that swells the chest and creates clouds. It creates a dynamic art scroll with people by walking between the lines of ink and water.

d. Unitech Guobin No.1 courtyard

Design: Matter Construction Group + Yi Mo

The modern translucent metal curtain is used to form a visually and spatially introverted and elegant transition between the inner and outer space. The visual ambiguity of the translucent material conveys a rich spatial depth.


e.Shanghai Xintiandi “Altar City”

Design: RSAA/Zhuang Ziyu Studio

This is the design of an interactive installation in Xintiandi, Shanghai. The installation is four meters high, with a metal curtain either enclosing or blocking it. Its surface has a glossy drape, and light is projected to create a gray space. It can also transmit light and shadow, superimposed shadows and human interaction. It has real and imaginary, fascinating.


f.Beijing Nestle Sense CAFÉ

Design: RSAA/Zhuang Ziyu Studio

The design integrates contemporary space into a traditional Chinese courtyard, with a metal curtain installation that breaks through a series of boundary relationships of the ancient city. A new interpretation of the coffee experience and the traditional Chinese courtyard is presented in the city of Beijing.

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