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1. How to choose a washing machine faucet

A quick open type is commonly used in washing machine taps. Most of the plastic pipes on the market today are four-pointers, but washing machines like Samsung, Bosch and Siemens are six-pointers, so be careful when buying them. What is the brand of your own washing machine?

2. The material of angle valve handwheels

Good quality angle valves generally consist of a fine copper body and a ceramic spool, but the handwheel is made of different materials. The common material is ABS. The durability is naturally low compared to metal handwheels. So the price is also cheap.

3. Bouncing manifolds and flip bouncers

The advantages of a bouncing water filter are obvious. It’s quick and easy to play with, saves time, and is easy to clean. Flip water filters are easy to clog and harder to open when draining, but flip water filters generally last longer than bounce water filters. Generally, if the sink itself has an overflow hole, you’ll need to purchase a drainer that also overflows.

4. Stainless steel braided hoses and bellows

Hoses are needed for faucets, showers, bathtubs, etc., but there are good and bad hoses for both, such as water heater inlets and faucet inlets. The water quality is poor and the corrugated pipe is used in higher temperatures. Good, more durable. And the installation must be perpendicular to the joint. It cannot be bent in the same part more than once, or it is easy to leak or burst.

5. Single-button hose and double-button hose

When we buy hoses, we find that some hoses are different. Only one side has a nut, the other side does not. We have the same double buckle on both sides. The double buckle is for double hole hot and cold faucets, water heaters and toilets. The single buckle hose is for the inlet hose for the single hole hot and cold faucet.

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