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The Beauty Of Simplicity And Restraint, Press The Pause Button For Time|OPS Design

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Pause time and space with design

Create a peaceful, restrained moment defined by light and shadow

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The project is located in the heart of the bustling city of Guangzhou. People live in the seemingly convenient cold pavilions made of steel and concrete, but inside they are always thinking about how to approach nature and life. The main character loves life and pays attention to the beauty of life, aiming to make home a comfortable and warm harbor. He aims to make his home a comfortable and cozy harbor, and to find a touch of long-lost comfort and tranquility in the busy life and work.


 House Type 89


The Direction of Home

The spatial scale is simple and wide, and it can carry the abundance of time. The master of this case makes a cup of coffee in his spare time and talks with his friends. Invite six or seven friends to a party. On weekends and holidays, the family gathers together and laughs. The memories of gentle time are infinitely engraved in this space.

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The marble texture back wall in the space, with light apricot rustic sofa, simple TV cabinet is light and simple. It strips away the unnecessary external decoration, removing impurities and retaining the true. It presents a most unique sense of beauty and returns to the essence of life.

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The soul of the design is to use the least amount of rendering to make the remaining part natural.

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▲Living Room | Back to the basics

The original rustic inspiration is incorporated into the details of the dining room furniture. Wood can create a space quite inviting in a subtle state, with the softest colors and truest textures, creating a comfortable and elegant dining environment.

From warm logs to fresh green branches, the space is pervaded with natural warmth in its grandeur, framing the moment and subtly adding to the moody atmosphere of the dining room.

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“By cultivating aesthetics in life, an overall balance of social aesthetics can be achieved.” We can start from reading a floral art, reading beauty and reading life.

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▲Dining Room | Framing Warmth

The use of natural floral art makes the space more tranquil. All this gives the most spiritual and warm look to life. Design is art, and so is food and life.

The master bedroom uses rustic materials collected, cut, collaged and reconstructed to change the track into a spiritual work. All we can really do is to borrow and paraphrase, forgetting our own existence, so that the work can face the viewer and narrate independently.

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The living space is ecological, organic and free. The preparation of rattan and wood is sublimated from visual to spiritual beauty, and rationality is transformed into sensual speech. The air is simple and warm, introverted and light, allowing people to find the poetic silence in life.

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▲Master Bedroom | The use of rattan and wood weaving in the interior

The main feature of the project is that it is a very simple and elegant design. The flow between the fabric and the fingerprint is delicate and full of granularity. The beauty of life is reflected in every small space planning designed by the designer.

The natural texture and wabi-sabi aesthetics in the second bedroom are gathered in the warm log-colored natural materials and wooden wall panels. The use of unrestrained greenery and tactile decorative materials is reflected in the space, highlighting the richness and quiet simplicity of the space.

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Compared with the worldly definition of value and beauty, more attention is paid to the inherent quality of things themselves. The designer tried to create the texture, texture and form of the material itself.

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▲Second bedroom|Inspiration to reality

In the boy’s room, interest has an absolute say.

It is a space dream that sprouted from childhood, and the exciting theme echoes the bedding and artistic ornaments. This makes the whole space cool without losing fun and blue mysteriously vast. It symbolizes the life of a youthful and exciting teenager, which becomes dazzling from this moment.

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▲Boys’ Room|Dream and Space

The main character of the room is a boy’s room.

The main character escapes from the beauty of everyday pottery while reserving an exclusive place for the cat. In the leisure time of work. It can cure the tired mind. Considering the movement line of cats, there is a slight gap between the layers and a special crawlway “cat hole” is set up. This allows cats to have more flexible space to move.

The combination of movement of cats and people gives a new feeling of work and leisure.

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▲Working Room|What a pleasure

Simplicity and purity can create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. It can always let us taste the most ancient and warm pure emotion in the city life, slightly fretful, and bring us a comfortable and cozy different feeling.


 House Type 79


Quiet flower and elegant environment

The compact and rapid rhythm of the times makes everyone who is running around for life become restless. There is no better place for the soul to be released than home, where we can stop our steps, slow down and feel the romantic and warm story of the main character.

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On a sunny weekend morning, the hostess is sweetly preparing various desserts in the kitchen. Today is the 3rd anniversary of the man and the woman’s acquaintance. The sunlight softly reflects on the dining table, which is covered with flowers, desserts, fruits and all kinds of food. The music from the vinyl record player was slowly coming out, all telling that it was a special day.

The living room space is filled with a happy storyline, and the main color is a combination of light gray and dark green with plain beige. The color expression is more calm, natural and comfortable, like a splash of flower scroll. This gives the living room a spirited and elegant temperament. Even if there is no thumping heart, but there is always a corner to fill the heart’s expectations.

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Black, white and gray check pattern and beautiful floral art is dense with romantic factor, is also overflowing with poetic sentiment, and will be a gentle and unique memory forever in the living room – outside of time, inside.

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The dining room is unconventional, using gradient wall painting extension to emphasize the layers of space. It is appropriately balanced and orderly, with layers of shadow diffusion. The glazed floral vessels placed on the table with chic mood floral art decorate the picture, adding color and implication.

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The green branches swaying, beige dining chairs, and the gradient decorative paintings on the wall reflect each other, giving the space a sensual and romantic vitality. The bright sunlight in the morning passes through the bay window and fills the space. The master can taste the joyful and calm time here.

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The master bedroom is decorated with high grade gray as the main color, embellished with cinnabar-colored soft package backrests, creating an extremely quality, elegant and comfortable resting space. Here you can look deep into the soul of elegance, where fashion and classics collide and mingle.

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The round chandelier hung from top to bottom, the subtle floral art by the bed, and the classic bird check bedding reflect the maverick artistic style and modern and fashionable taste of life of the master and mistress.

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The second bedroom’s high grade gray and earthy brown together create a soft and elegant space atmosphere. After he discarded the superfluous space accessories, two artistic chandeliers and a wall painting can decorate the quiet bedroom atmosphere so charmingly, which invariably highlights the sense of large space.

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The hues of teenage girls come to the surface. Just see the lively yet orderly flower form decorative wall exudes the girl’s introspective yet gorgeous sense of wonderful age.

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The designer adheres to the principles of simplicity, elegance and practicality, creating an exclusive work space with details. Here, the mistress can enjoy the fun of floral art, and complete her flower-related growing experience and fond memories by combining work with entertainment. The clear and relaxing branches and leaves talk to the environment, and moreover tell the story of home and time with art, design and plants.

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When all the things in the space get along harmoniously, beauty will be born. In this place, everything is just right when you leave the hustle and bustle. You can peacefully enjoy a sensory journey that satisfies both inner yearning and visual pleasure.


Project name: Zhujiang Four Seasons Flower City Showroom

Owner: Zhujiang Industry

Soft furnishing design: Guangzhou OPS Decoration Design Co.

Design team: Ye Huajin, Lin Suting, Li Lin, Ye Yuqiang, Xiang Wenyan

Design Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong

Project photography:Ouyang Junyin-Wotu Painting (Foshan)

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