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Reasons For Different Faucet Prices

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  • Material.

The main materials of the faucet on the market are cast iron, plastic, zinc alloy, copper alloy and stainless steel. Cast iron is easy to rust, plastic is easy to age, zinc alloy stability is poor, easy to burst, resulting in the lack of service life, so these three materials are not recommended to use the faucet. More than 90% of high-grade faucets at home and abroad usually choose to use copper casting. Brass is the most suitable faucet material, antibacterial effect is good, of which H59 copper is the most suitable, lead content is also qualified, H62 copper lead content is less corrosion-resistant; stainless steel can be done without lead, but due to the complexity of the process, no copper antibacterial advantage, is not welcome. Valve spool. The faucet is on and off and on and off every day.
The valve spool determines the life of the faucet. At present, ceramic valve core is the most suitable material for home use, high-end faucet valve core is mostly imported or foreign original ceramic valve core, durable, but also to 500,000 times the switch does not drip.

  • Surface technology.

The electroplated surface of high-priced faucets usually has a mirror-like feel, and when you press it with your finger, the handprint marks will immediately disappear. Moreover, the advanced eco-friendly plating technology can eliminate the secondary pollution of the product and ensure the purity of the water. For most hardware bathroom, the plating process is basically equivalent to chrome plating.

The service life of high-end faucets is 5 years, the quality is still so good, and all meet the requirements of national water conservation standards, the product is durable, energy saving and environmental protection highlight the value of the product. Cheap faucets after the sale or after an accident, the service life is very short, even use two or three months will be damaged, consumers are not recommended to buy.

  • After-sales guarantee.

Formal manufacturer production, the national perfect after-sales service system, regardless of product accidents or failures, at any time by the manufacturer or distributor to solve the decision, responsible for the production of higher configuration of the product brand, mostly high-quality bathroom brand, very concerned about the sale of each product produced by the reputation.

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