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Pay Attention to Faucet Cleaning

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Pay Attention to Faucet Cleaning

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The tale of “cups, humidifiers, faucets and other dirt are prone to grow bacteria and even cause cancer” has made people feel unsafe to drink water. Do faucets and drinking cups really affect health and even cause cancer?

Faucet limescale is more harmful

Hazard 1: Affects the use of the faucet: After using the faucet at home for some time, the water flow becomes smaller and is found to be caused by limescale. Due to the frequent use of hot water, a large amount of water and alkali accumulates inside and the water flow becomes small.

After using the faucet for a long time, many people will find a layer of sediment inside the faucet, which seriously affects the filtration and level of the faucet, resulting in poor use of the faucet.

Hazard 2: Scale. Limescale affects health. Some people see a thick layer of limescale inside the faucet at home, and worry that this layer of limescale will also release carcinogens and affect their family’s health.

Experts say, many household items in the long-term use of mouthwash cups, pots, humidifiers, faucets, will form a thick layer of dirt. These dirt not only affects the aesthetics and easy to breed bacteria, some of them can even cause cancer and have to be removed. Another expert said, “the water flow in the faucet will produce a “release of toxic substances”, these toxic substances last for a long time, after drinking accumulated in the human body, it is easy to cause damage to the nerve, hematopoietic and reproductive system, affecting the growth and development of children and intellectual development. In addition, it may also cause cancer, teratogenic and mutagenic.”

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