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Minimalist Design, Beauty And Pure!

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 Purely Minimalist

Minimalist lines and pure colors make the space more ethereal and pure. Minimalist style design is simple but not simple, simple but not random, through the simplest design, into the mature design concept, connecting about life’s little bits and pieces, to create a pure and comfortable design sense home. (The two cases shared today are from Bird & Bird Design, if you like, you can contact WeChat snsjlm7 to help you dock the design)


White And Pure

A Relaxing Home Experience

This is the home of a young man, who must have some kind of love hidden in his many styles. This is the home of an erhu performer, who lives his life as a player true to his heart and welcomes the surprises of life in a more relaxed way. It is the first time for the project to be completed.

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1F Functional Plan

The open layout of the living room and the kitchen area are set up side by side to achieve the spacious living dynamic that the owner is looking forward to, the integrated cabinet greatly releases the space, and the balcony is incorporated into the living room to solve the problem of the length to width ratio of the living room; the walk-in closet and independent laundry room create a comfortable and elegant lifestyle.

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Functional Planning Of The Attic

Fine lines bring out the sophistication of simplicity. Begin by opening up the simple house and progress gradually. The light and shadows through the floor-to-ceiling windows and the entrance hall gradually calm the heart when returning home. Minimalism is not an empty space, but an energetic spiritual force.

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The white space and simple lines are as dazzling and pure as day. The seemingly careless design contains too many details. Life is also like that, from day to house, and then from house to day, it is a hot and hot life, the seemingly careless days, but are carefully designed from beginning to end.

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The open space is a reflection of life, black and white, white and red, red and light, these elements, refracted in every corner of life; days of light is the story of the years, the art of living is the gap in the simple time.

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Marble transparency, natural texture, with the essence of nature, explain the story of space; the art of life is a daily period, early coffee, milk before bed, this is both material and spiritual; this is life and romance, simple but also peace of mind.

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A piano, a lamp, a step and a light, a light and a design, stepping on the stairs, like black and white keys; playing the heat of life, telling the story of time, life is also a regular routine, but also a symbol of personality jumping.

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The smooth polymer texture is a medium of speech; the open space of dialogue tells the philosophy of poetic life; light is the gift of nature and also a refracting angle; three meals a day and three meals for four seasons are a dialogue of nature and also a speech of emotion.

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The words of design, poured in the dust of space; like a soft life, unload tired, wrapped, curled up, quiet; the whisper before sleep, is a gentle moonlight, private and ambiguous.

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Interesting soul, is the story under the skin; read the white space is the interesting inner design.

Project Name | Yulan Plaza

Project Area | 200㎡

Design Unit | Bird & Bird

Design Main Material | Stone Hard Packages


Pure And Warm.

Minimalist Living

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“The beauty of the home is not in the visible form, but in the interest, which is not a lame level of amusement, but is based on the connection between looking back, discovering and communicating, so that the life is in the stable variable, which is comfortable, safe and wise.

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Floor Plan

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Like clouds like chandeliers, matched with jumping yellow, appearing in the white light and shadow; the purity of space, a pair of Takashi Murakami’s “sunflower” swaying in the space, the art of living in the space extended.

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The rough texture of the wood and the natural feeling of the sofa backdrop echo, the whole space, both stable, and faint; through the gap in the sun, the living room, natural relaxation and bourgeoisie, good space design, is to design life into it, such a space, both enjoy more pleasing to the eye.

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Interesting furnishings are the soul of the space. In the dining room area, the designer and the owner put “interesting” into the space; a space with style must be a space infused with emotions.

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Life is a kind of rhythm, there must be light and shadow, left and right, sunny and rainy, the taste is contained in this change but not fierce twists and turns. Bedroom space, with light and lines to create a sense of luxury space; warmth without losing quality, soft not frivolous.

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Color is a mood enhancer, with energy beyond words, and infinite possibilities between changes. The clever combination of earth colors, gradient pink, and high-grade gray creates a wonderfully relaxed style.

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Not to be defined by labels, not to be bound by style, so life, so design. No matter where you are, no matter when you are, keep your eyes open and come back as a young man.

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Design | Bird & Bird

Design Projects | The Royal Water Palace

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2012 International Space Design “Aite Award” Finalist for Best Apartment Design

2012 Daikin Interior Design Competition Jiangsu Villa Group Gold Award, Apartment Group Bronze Award

2012 China Interior Design Awards Jintang Award “Excellent Residential Apartment Design”

2012 Annual China Interior Design Star Competition “China Good House” Real Estate Group Silver Award

2014 Think Home Zhixuan Enterprise Pacemaker Award

2017 Annual Longcheng Design Top 10 List

2017 Asia Pacific Space Design Annual Selection Living Aesthetist

2017 Darren Interior Design Network National Excellent Design Company

2018 China Changzhou Designer’s Award Outstanding Design Enterprise

2018 “Builder Award” Designer of the Year

2018-2019 40UNDER40 China (Changzhou) Design Outstanding Youth 7th Nesting Award Apartment Group Excellence Award

2018 “Peak Design Power ICON20” Peak Design Force Design Company ICON10

2018 M+ High End Interior Design Competition Annual Excellent Designer of the Year

2018 China Top 100 Home Designers

2019-2020 She Design Award 9th International Space Design Award Aite Award Changzhou Gold Award

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