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Bathroom Cabinets For Small Homes Are Here! It’s Beautiful!

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Ou Xiaowei Bathroom Business School

“The bathroom isn’t big enough, what should I do about the renovation?” I’m sure many people have encountered this problem and struggled with it.

The small size of the bathroom seems to have no connection with the sense of design. Many people struggle to the end can only choose the right size, style and function with the extravagant dare not ask for too much.

But high value bathroom cabinet, also suitable for small households.


Small Space Also Has A Big View


Softly lit round mirror with a wood grain herringbone pattern.

As far as the eye can see, it’s like water with shimmering waves on it.

Think of it in all its romance and spirituality.

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Such a bathroom cabinet, one has to be amazed that small households can also be beautiful and very advanced.


Italian minimalist style is a kind of distinctive minimalist art, and the more you taste it, the more you taste it. The more you taste it, the more you taste it. “Sky Country” gives small households a bathroom that is never tired of looking at.

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The structure and modeling of “Sky Country” looks simple, but the materials used are very exquisite.

The tasteless light-colored wood door panel is processed through texture and grain, which immediately reveals a sense of sophistication and style that cannot be explained.

Matte coral white lacquered door panels, the use of lines highlight the texture, the use of two kinds of door panels, elegant coordination and vitality.

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The beauty of the round mirror, beauty in harmony. Round, there is harmony and beauty, the meaning of unity and harmony. The round mirror here, let the small home full of warmth.

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360mm Highland cabinet, compact but not bulky, will not make the space look depressed, more friendly to small households.

Small Cabinets Can Also Be Humanized

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The “Skyland” mirror features a 12mm frosted mirror edge for a more even and softer light. Touch screen switch, fill light more intelligent.

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Semi-open glass hanging cabinet, no need to bend down to reach items, from the point of view of ergonomics, this position is most suitable for high frequency use items, it is recommended to put toiletries.


The drawers are more convenient for us to find items than cabinets. The drawer under the basin is perfect for placing cosmetic pads, towels, etc.


Under-counter basin is designed to retain maximum counter space, which is more suitable for small households.

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The countertop is set with a backstop to reduce the flow of water from the countertop into the cabinet and prolong the service life of the bathroom cabinet.

Small households, today this design, remember to collect yo!

Someone said.

Life doesn’t have to be easy.

And the living environment doesn’t even have to be a compromise!

Although the bathroom is small, it can also have both face value and humanized features. The same style bathroom cabinet, through customization to suit different types of households, so that different types of the same bloom charm.

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