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Geometry + Warm And Cold Colors, Build A Pure Aesthetic Mood | Haili Design

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The great significance of art

basically lies in its ability to show the true emotions of human

The mystery of inner life and the world of love


This case is located in Yongning District, Nanning City, Guangxi – Zhongyang – Qiyan Shijia. The designer hopes to interpret the space with the purest design method, beautify the life with the purest design vision, and lead the frontier with the purest design idea.

Returning to the real life, the home space is fashionable, simple, elegant and warm.

 House type I: 109㎡


Minimalist / Fashion / Installation / Modern

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640 2 63

The blue of tranquility, the taste of life.

Personalized blue, living room, dining room and kitchen are integrated, and the space flows instantly. Reflecting the oil blue fabric seats. The geometric decoration of complementary cool and warm colors gives the space a deeper human touch.

640 1 64

A new space is created in the living room area, which can be used for study or as a parent-child space. Let the whole family gather in the whole living room area, can chat, can discuss, can look forward. This is the first thing about home.

640 4 64

The designer split and extracted the painting elements to explore the meaning of a new home in the reorganization.

640 5 62

640 6 62

640 7 63

The living and dining room, starting from nature, we put elements in it that resonate with our spirit. The blue wall paintings and green plants floating in the wind were taken into consideration in the design. At the same time, we also considered the intentionality of the space and thus developed the furnishings. Under the mapping of natural light, the whole thing and the natural texture get alternating layers of light and dark, placing the beauty of the objects within our senses, and the emotions generated from them feed back to the space.

640 8 60

640 9 60

640 13 59

640 11 61

Blue, a steady and mysterious color, runs through every corner of the space. Thus nature, objects and people, big or small things, placed horizontally or sideways, downward or backward, are all fully self-consistent in the continuation of the space atmosphere, spontaneous and relaxed.

640 12 59

The designer gets inspiration from the lines and the spirit of flow, and finds the right place for the various shapes and colors of different dimensions in the space to show the appropriate value.

640 10 61

640 14 59

In this hectic era, modern life, though often succumbing to time and incongruity, should still be built on balance. In addition to satisfying artistic and visual innovation, living space should also provide deep insight into the relationship between people and living space from every detail of layout, material selection, and design.

640 16 58

640 15 60

By making clever use of the floating window space, when the occupant wanders through the interior, it is like being inside a painting filled with emotional lines. It is like walking in the pure aesthetic mood constructed by reason.

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▲Floor plan of 109 house type


 House type II: 95㎡


Modern / Fashionable / Elegant / Ease

640 17 59

640 19 58

In this case, lemon yellow is the auxiliary color, and the space is harmonized with light curry color. Create a stylish, elegant, yet cool and interesting quality, giving people a sense of comfort, relaxation and ease, the lack of one.

640 107

640 20 55

640 21 52

640 22 51

In the living room space, light gray textured stone and curry tone furniture create a modern sense. A bright yellow is the first thing that comes into view, and the soft decorations that incorporate simple geometric shapes. The childish doll-shaped ornaments are full of fun, and the green plants are decorated with life’s meaning. The time is just right, from the initial use in the creation of light and shadow levels, art and space interweave a new chapter.

640 23 49

640 24 46

640 25 42

Under the narration of low saturation gray tone, the design takes bright lemon yellow as an accent, outlining the simple and dynamic space atmosphere. The abstract collage on the wall, the artistic decorative accessories, the specially selected lemon yellow chairs, the open kitchen, and the large mirrors that widen the space, present a harmonious and unified contemporary aesthetic order.

640 26 41

640 27 36

640 28 35

640 29 35

Entering the bedroom, we continue the mood of the living and dining room. From the selection of materials to the organization, we control and proportion the details and the imagination of the beautiful life scene. The warm atmosphere perceived by the visual senses, carried by color and material texture, is spread to all corners of the room.

640 29 35

The rational and pure way of life is interpreted with simple strokes, which fits the aesthetic interest of the contemporary urban elite group and evokes the emotional resonance between the residents and the space.

640 30 35

640 33 26

The collision of plain white, light gray and lemon yellow, the fusion of cotton and linen fabric and metal, and the oversized decorative paintings are a meaningful combination, and the design is a dialogue of different materials and colors, giving the space a new vitality.

640 32 28

640 34 22

Disney and Lego are both children’s dreams, creating a dream world for children. The creative Mickey wall lamp echoes with the specially made Mickey seat, as if listening to the beauty of this world. The child’s heart is the most precious thing and deserves to be taken care of.

640 35 22

▲95 floor plan


Project Name

Owner | Zhongyang Real Estate

Project Location | GuangXinNing

Project type | Showroom

Design Area | Approx. 109㎡ / Approx. 95㎡

Completion Date | 2021.4

Design Company | HIGHLY Design

Scope of Design | Hardcover

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