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Light and Line, Black, White and Grey Aesthetics | Baling Original

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Balinglin   Interior Design Alliance

The obsessive search for love and ideals.

Turning to the light and living with it.

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Light And Shade

My oldest force is good as new.

And the fresh rose on yonder thorn,

Gives back the bending heavens in dew.



Livening room

The interior color palette is dominated

by black, white and gray, simple and calm.

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640 2 75

The man has been studying Chinese painting for several years

and in his life, he no longer looks for the visual stimulation brought by color

but chooses another way, the simplicity of the road, everything is one.

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The L-shaped sofa

and designer oval coffee table create a circular area

where the child can move freely around the living room.

The soft carpet and curved coffee table will protect her from knocks and bumps.

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The living room is superbly lit, with a see-through window

lying on the sofa, and you can feel the light floating through the white veil above the air.

640 3 75

The interior color palette is a harmonious mix

of grey, curry and black, arranged and combined in a space

that is both contrasting and blended together to bring a sense of visual comfort.

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640 7 70

The simple shape and delicate texture of the handmade pottery placed

on the coffee table fits well with the interior style.

640 9 64

The Bilbao timepiece is a lightweight, minimalist timepiece by a Sevillian designer

that creates a modern design in the home.




640 8 67

The functional area of the cabinet at the entrance is well distributed

and the dressing mirror has an angular ceiling and rounded hooks

on the walnut colored veneer panel to round out the space.

640 10 63

The linear strip of light in the entrance extends to the interior hallway

where light and shadows become the theme of the entire room.

640 12 57

The entrance and living room are separated by a partition.

The place where the partition and the entrance cabinet are connected is inlaid with glass as decoration to enhance the permeability of the space.




640 13 58

The soft grey wall cloth buffered between white and black,

the smooth lines of the table and chairs bring a comfortable experience.

The decorative pictures on the wall present a flowing beauty

of color blocks intertwined, harmoniously integrated, as the design concept of the whole space.

640 14 57

The distinctive chandelier is Vibia’s Flamingo collection,

whose thermoplastic translucent diffusers gather the light.

Providing ambient light

to spaces integrates design aesthetics with practical performance.

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Hammered silver bowl, hand-pounded by traditional techniques.

Showing nice grain

The time and love placed on the object makes it the only thing in the world

where everything ages and fades away,

even the sky and the earth are changing, but the love is as old as time.




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640 17 55

Even though the man looks like he’s older than his age,

but as a post-90’s artist,

he naturally has a wild side

when it comes to choosing home furnishings.

He chose this bubble-blowing pink girl ornament,

perhaps thinking of his own daughter

before choosing this equally playful and adorable elf!

640 20 51

The mirror in the guest bathroom comes with LED backlighting

to supplement the light when it is dark.

640 24 40

The shower stall in the guest bathroom is separated from the wet and dry,

and the grey marble wall behind the toilet is partitioned with a glass door, and the upper partition is designed as a geometric open space

that can be used as a storage space.

Both bathrooms have showers in the guest bathroom only.

This is also considering the fact that there are only three permanent residents and the daughter is still young

enough to have plenty of shower time.

We made this decision after talking with the owner.




A new wall at the head of the bed

cuts through the hallway and cloakroom to the master bedroom.

640 21 48

640 23 41

640 22 47

The 90° view window facing the bed

is perfect for a sunny day overlooking the outdoors.


Different flooring materials in hallways and bedrooms

Comfortable wood flooring for active, sleeping areas in living rooms and bedrooms.

Easy-care tile flooring in hallway and dining areas

Make an invisible division of the interior space.

640 30 33

640 35 21

The dark curry and light gray color scheme

is like an afternoon latte, mellow and soothing.



goes on.


The following photos are by the man of the house.

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640 27 37

640 26 35

640 32 23

640 35 21

640 31 26

The daytime light and shadows in the photo.

Feel the flow of beauty in the smallest moments of life.

Phototropism, a biological instinct.

We’re always unconsciously chasing and approaching that beam of light.

640 34 22

The purpose and meaning of life’s journey is to move towards the light.

Being able to have a lighthouse to orient you in life

Avoid veering off course or falling into nihilism.

What a privilege it is.


All we can do is create a comfortable living environment.

Relaxing and resting both body and mind while pursuing your dreams

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▲The original house plan

Programme overview:

This case is from a 165m2 household in OCT Group 6, three rooms, two bathrooms. The main problem is the short size of the bedside wall in the master bedroom, the lack of storage space, and again the re-created family atmosphere, interactions, and action dynamics.

The home belongs to a 90’s couple, the man is a craftsman

who makes silverware and has a passion for art. The hostess is the artist’s hidden assistant, who quietly supports her husband’s life and career. It is the first time for the project to be completed.

640 38 17

▲Floor plan

Tenement Analysis:

  1. 1Changed the layout of the master bedroom. It solves the problem of insufficient size of the bedside wall, and increases the privacy and comfort of the sleeping space.
  2. Divides the cloakroom into private cloakroom and family cloakroom. It can distribute the storage more reasonably and also greatly increase the storage space of the whole family.
  3. The study and living room are better combined. Because the owners do not need a private space to serve as a study, so the study and the living room to make a combination of better connectivity, occasionally can also become a space to take care of children, play with children.


Project Information:

Address:Huaqiao City


Design:Zibo Baling original

Road Work:Baling Artisan Project Soft

Soft Outfit:HOME Soft Outfit

Photography:Han Shangchen

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Baling original in 2011 team was established, the company is headquartered in Zibo, Shandong Province, with a branch in Linyi, with its four sub-brands to the United States custom, green into the design, flowers Home, craftsmanship. We are committed to providing customers with professional full service, starting from the design, and does not stop there. We take the aesthetics and needs of homeowners as the premise, and truly think from the perspective of homeowners to provide customers with the greatest degree of convenience. We believe that budget is not the deciding factor in the quality of a home, and we strive to provide the most cost-effective solutions within the budget range of each client.

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