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Warm and Healing Lakeside B&B, with Design to Express Life | Yihe Shangpin

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It’s a big world and a small world, so I believe that what is to be met will eventually be met. It’s just a matter of time.

This is a self monologue on the website of Xue old, unpretentious words, warm and healing.

This paragraph is also a reflection of the story of Xiu Lao and her designer Yi Ping.

It is a story of Xunhua that started because of an ordinary encounter.



The year he went to Lugu Lake was the most decadent year for Yi Ping. He had failed in his investment, was restless and confused, and didn’t seem to have an answer for what was next in his life. The designer’s rebellious and free spirit made him decide to take a trip to escape from the complex environment he was living in, which was a temporary relief.

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Lugu Lake wasn’t Yi Ping’s first choice, but it was the key to finding the answer to his question, and in a roundabout way. In the meantime, Yi Ping is sitting in an inn in Lugu Lake, thinking that he will be leaving tomorrow, in the same mood as before.

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The owner of the inn was very enthusiastic, and when he got to talking, he learned that Yi Ping was a designer and that he had been unable to find a suitable person to design his own land. We chatted for a long time and left a WeChat, saying goodbye. The encounter was uneventful, like a wild goose passing without a trace, and Yi Ping did not take it to heart.



After returning to Chengdu, Yi Ping adjusted himself to his busy schedule and became friends with the innkeeper. After receiving another compliment from the innkeeper for his work, Yi Ping received a message: “This design of yours is great.

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After half a year, the innkeeper comes to Chengdu to talk to Yi Ping about the appointment at Lugu Lake half a year ago.

And so, a [reunion] began.


The Light

Epping once asked me what you think the light represents. I said, love and hope.

He says: more than that, but also warmth and healing.

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Anyone who has seen Narrative in person will be amazed at the designer’s use and mastery of light. Xuezao has created two sections in the front yard and back yard. The front courtyard is a new construction project, while the backyard is a renovation of an old house.

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In the design of the front courtyard, the designer took into account the surrounding mountains, using the wood color to create a square, flat-roofed loft.

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In the backyard, on the basis of the original two-storey brick building, the designer designed a sloping roof and irregular loft with the color scheme of the front yard.

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640 14 56

The two are similar and dissimilar, independent and integrated. The front courtyard is on three levels and the back courtyard is on two levels, covering an area of more than 1800 square meters.

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Light permeates and participates in almost every small, independent space.

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Yi Ping says, “Light is the accompaniment of my work, she is a language, a unique language that forms an exclusive relationship with all the objects in the space. They exist in a real spatial dialogue.”

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640 24 39

The designer calls this dialogue a kind of yearning, self-generated by one’s autonomous consciousness, leading from the subconscious state to the real state, drawing out the absent from what is present.

640 25 34

If interpreted by the mind, it is a design that has been designed to restore this space. A thousand people can trigger a thousand kinds of yearnings.


Leave a blank

Throughout the space, white is used extensively. Yi Ping said that this kind of white is the presentation of the essence of space and the stripping away of the contextual shaping techniques.

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640 27 36

640 26 34

The white space, the dialogue of the constructed space, is a response to the design of the time when the function is satisfied to the maximum.

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640 22 46

The emptiness in the white space is transparent with silence, but there is no condensation in the silence. Reflecting the traditional aesthetic of high antique and awkward aesthetics of pottery pots, shrubs and stones, the whole space is inherently jumpy.

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The presentation of this design is the designer’s current inner expression and understanding of culture. It is up to the person who is in the space to decide how to perceive the space.


The Answer

After a year in the mountains, Yi Ping says that recounting his past has brought him profound meaning. A year of thinking and reshaping not only healed Yi Ping’s heart, but also helped him reacquaint himself with himself, recover his passion for design, and find his future direction. Expressing life with design, conveying warmth with life, and being healed in the warmth.

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Just like the narrative says: “I want to bring you not only mountains and villages, fields and pastoral songs, I want to bring you more, the long-lost meeting and déjà vu on the road.” If life is a looped one-shot, then I hope your looped narrative is warm and healing.

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Yi Ping

Some honors:

Top 10 New Design Power 2019 Top 10 Southwest Region

2018 Golden Hall Awards for Excellence

China (Sichuan) Interior Design Competition 2018 Kunpeng Silver Award

2018 Guangzhou Design Week Red Cotton Award

2018 China (Sichuan) 40under40 Design Excellence Young People

2017 China (Sichuan) 40under40 Design Outstanding Young People

Winner of the Media Attention Award at the Nesting Awards in 2016

Aite Award of Excellence 2015-2017

In 2014, the architects selected Chengdu’s “Top 10 Urban Designers”.


Project information:

Project Name: Catching up on the past

Project Address: Lugu Lake

Project Area: 1800 sqm

Project Cost: 2.6 million

Design Date: 2017

Completion Date: 2018

Main Materials: self-leveling, logs, bamboo poles

Designed by Yi Ping

Photo by Deng Juntao

Written by: Mana

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