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Light And Extravagant Minimalism Is A High Aesthetic!

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Interior Design Alliance

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This case was designed by Shang Shang International


Luxury Of Minimalism

Light and extravagant, a design fad

It’s more of a living aesthetic.

Minimalism, the utmost confidence in design.

It’s more of an attitude to life.

Let it have substance without ostentatious decoration style.

Elegant on top of a little metal trim, the natural extreme.

S3 Household Type

Blue Elegance In Style

Fashion & Modern



Living Room


style (of art or literature)

It’s a positioning tune.

It’s a vibe.

Plato once noted in the Ideal State that

The beauty of style, and harmony

Elegance and taste must be based on style.

Here, we’d like to…

“Bringing temperament into life

Let the grunge render the space.”


640 107


Low-key, stable blue highlights the atmosphere

Fashionable Temperament

This case extracts blue as the theme color of the space

Displaying the texture and visual impact of the space

Create a modern, understated, luxurious, meaningful fashion statement


640 1 33

The pink sofa in the living room is like a dancing musical note.

Active in space

And show what’s in it.

The combination of furniture makes every part of the space airy and graceful.


640 2 32

640 3 32


The details of life are carefully crafted in every move.

The open kitchen makes the space seem more spacious

Deep blue and modern atmosphere.

It’s all about fashion and art.

Pink sofas and accessories for individual style

It’s rich in texture.


640 4 32

640 5 31


The floor is gray marble.

With a geometric carpet.

Restrained deep blues and magnificent pinks.

Presentation of high quality furniture

Personalized couch pillows

Make it artistic and fun

Comfort in harmony with the texture of life





640 6 31

640 7 30

640 8 30


Extending from the living room space to the dining room

The pleasure of the taste buds extends infinitely outward.

Through the picture on the wall at the end of the line of sight.

The sense of spatial extension is elongated

In the division of the different functional areas

It has a very different spatial expression.

640 9 30


It’s got great views and light.

Through form, material, color and detail

Contains a rigorous consideration of minimalist aesthetics

It also reveals a rigorous pursuit of quality.





640 10 29

In the living space

We want to be in the breath of the seasons.

When you wake up in the morning

There’s still a few rays of sunlight coming through the screen outside.

Such a spring-like design approach to space and nature.

It’s so lifelike.


640 11 27


The master bedroom continues the elegant and calm tone of the entire house.

Brightly striped furniture with individual striped rugs

Wall hangings become a visual focal point of the space

While creating a sense of harmony and comfort

640 12 27

With generous simplicity and elegance

Yet modern and simple furnishings.

Throughout the bedroom space

Comfortable bed quality makes people love it even more!

A sense of experience in this space

It’s a beautiful melody.

Worth remembering and clinging to.


K1 House Type

Free And Sophisticated Small Apartments

Free & Fine



Dining Room




640 13 26

Does such a home exist?

There’s nothing to stop it.

The wind travels freely.

640 14 25


Feel the warmth of the sun.

Between wearing the light and returning to the night.

Space has the power of silence.

Feel yourself as a boat floating in the sea.

Fascinated by the sunshine when you’re alone

Or enjoy looking out to sea and laughing.

Spaciousness, comfort and freedom linger.


640 15 25

This small, beautiful home

Good to prove it to us.

“The house is not big, but delicate is the spirit” concept.

640 17 24

640 20 20

The sea breeze on the threshold

Delicate lines enhance the overall sense of space.

Wall with a large hanging

Choose furniture with a strong sense of bulk

Add that vibrant touch of coral red.

Create a sophisticated and elegant space

It’s a vision of the future.

Freeze it in a quiet, pleasant space.





640 18 24


Flexible use of color in the bedroom

Creating a naturally dynamic yet calm environment

Large floor-to-ceiling windows for air.

The fluidity of light and shadow and human movement

A good pot of tea.

A relaxing relaxing afternoon opens slowly

640 19 21

Artist Xie Hailing’s “Touch

Quiet, aloof, orderly, precise.

It’s like a breeze on a quiet beach.

Clear and misty.

It seems to have many meanings.

It expresses the profound meaning of the infinitely near and yet unreachable.


The Poetic Life Of The Sea

See & Poetic



Living Room


640 16 24


Because of the tweeting encounter.

I want to write a poem about the sea.

640 25 15


I dipped the paper in the aquamarine abyss.

as of tomorrow

Be a happy man.

I have a house.

facing the sea

spring warmth and the blossoming of flowers




640 23 16

640 24 15


I must see the sea again.

Look at the quiet sea and the blue sky.

All I need is a big, tall sailboat.

And the stars to guide it.

The rudder turns, the wind sings, and the sails are white.

The sea is foggy and the dawn is breaking.


640 21 19

640 22 18


The anaerobic abyss cannot support marine life.

But the beauty and mystery, the deep colors, the mystery…

Rich and tactile natural materials




640 26 13

Pure blue tones.

Symbiosis with outdoor water

Think of summer skies and blue seas.

The sun shines brightly with a gorgeous halo of light.

It’s an extraordinarily calming, healing color.

Two shades of blue blend together

clear and bright (of music)

Romantic Ambiance


640 27 12

640 28 12

I must see the sea again.

To feel the raging tide roll in.

I couldn’t refuse.

The sea breeze dances with the white clouds.

The waves swell, the waves splash, the seagulls cry.


640 29 11

640 30 11


Free, fresh and romantic

A long-awaited meeting about the blue organ.

Travel by sea

640 33 9

640 32 10

I must see the sea again.

Wandering like a gypsy.

Like a seagull.

Like a whale.

Listen to the funny stories of your laughing companions.

sleep peacefully

Good dreams come true.

–John Macefield


640 34 9


Project Name: Sanya Junlin Yuehai

Project Address: Sanya

Soft Decoration Design: Shang Shang International (Hong Kong) Design Ltd.

Design by Xianming Zeng

Completion date: June 2020

Space photographer: Chen Jianzhong

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