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Do The Wall This 2 Square Meters, Greatly Enhance The Design!

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More and more young families are rejecting sameness and wanting to create their own identity when it comes to decorating their own homes.

In recent years, I have noticed that a wave of arch elements, which originated in Roman architecture, has quietly emerged in home design.

Originally, this arch structure was widely used in ancient times because the maximum load capacity far exceeded the load a structure could carry.

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Today, it is often found in both exterior and interior design of buildings.

For example, in “Hidden Corner”, which was a big hit a while ago, both the arch of the mess hall entrance and the arched doorway in the kitchen area bring a vintage feel.

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The beauty of the geometric lines, coupled with the dreamy color scheme, is favored by designers of all kinds.

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This design, which was popular for a while in the 80s/90s, is really making a comeback these days.

And, the improved arch design is simpler, more durable and combined with greater versatility. ……

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In today’s installment, we’re going to talk to you about a few things – what is so attractive about the arch that it’s worthwhile for this trend to continue to reincarnate in popularity.

1: Does The Arch Work For All Styles?

2, What Are Some Common Areas Of Arch Application In Interior Spaces?

3, Arch Build Feasibility And Cost Considerations



Can You Use Arches In All Styles?

I’ve given this question some thought, and the answer is – kinda.

Although the more common European, French, modern style will be more often seen in the arch. But in practice, low-key Japanese, atmospheric American, actually do arch design.

The following is the entrance of a Japanese housewife’s home, and it’s an arched niche like cabinet storage. It’s a reasonable and colorful design.

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Another example, this American style arch is modified according to the position of the original beams and pillars. Weakened the beams, but there is a division of space area.

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In the end, the arch can be used in a variety of styles because of what it does.

Firstly, it does weaken the angles and makes the corner of the space softer.

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Secondly, the highest point of the arch is closer to the ceiling, which makes it taller overall than a rectangle.

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Thirdly, it is the fact that the arch is a combination of several geometric patterns that make the shape more interesting and artistic than a single rectangle.

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Where Would An Arch Be Used In The Home?

After all the advantages, when you really have to start working on it, many babies still hesitate: is there the easiest arch you can design that is easy to work with and can’t go wrong?

With that goal in mind, I’ve really organized a few things, so let’s take a look at some common areas of arch application in interior spaces.

A. Aisle Transitions

The easiest thing to do, the first thing that comes to my mind is the aisles in my home.

Whether it’s the entrance aisle.

640 9 31

Still the hallway aisle, with the addition of curves, makes the transition space softer and more intimate.

640 10 30

This super villa, the walkway between the dining room and living room makes use of two arches before and after, which does not look archaic, but also adds interest.

640 11 28

And this kind of half-arch + color matching, the design sense will be stronger, need more aesthetic sense to support.

640 12 28


B. Open Doorways

The most similar transition to the hallway above is the open doorways in some rooms.

For example, this children’s room that isn’t going to be a door yet. In the case of the grey tones on the outside, a circle of white door frames was used to bring in the interior space, which is interesting and provides a natural transition.

640 13 27

There’s also this kind of closet hidden in the bedroom space, which is also perfect for an open doorway.

640 14 26

If you really feel the open doorway is a bit difficult, you can learn the following routine – add a curtain! emmm…color blocking is more exciting.

640 15 26

Remember to install the curtain in the visual width of the smaller side, save fabric also good effect, since the “hidden corner”.

640 16 25


C. Doors And Windows

Some people will say, already do doorways, why not make windows and doors? Wouldn’t an arch + lattice configuration like this be more retro?

That’s true, except…doors and windows are generally operated uniformly by machines, and it’s really hard to find a manufacturer that makes these curved specifications. Even when you do find them, they are slightly more expensive than the average door.

640 17 25

Especially if the color and style match your imagination, it’s hard to find.

To find simple and interesting flat panel doors like the one below, you’ll need to spend more time to make sure you’ve got one.

640 18 25

So, if you’re looking for a window or door, I’d probably be more supportive of the one below, which is a regular rectangular shape but with an arch element inside.

640 19 22

Again, the value of this type of window is also quite high.

640 21 20


 D. Niche Display

In fact, this type of niche display operation is also simpler than windows and doors, similar to the corridor transition and open doorways above. We’ll talk about how to do this at the bottom.

640 20 21

Whether it’s decoration or shelf display, it’s still very beautiful.

Especially if the colors are mixed inside and outside, it will create a three-dimensional look.

640 22 19


E.Built-In Cabinets

There is also a niche-like operation, this but this time the main body is the cabinet.

Since cabinets are generally quite a bit deeper than niches will be, they are better suited to be made into functional areas when they are arched.

The little workbench below, for example, is brilliant. It’s also more private.

640 24 16

The following operation, on the other hand, is even more cerebral and especially suited to small spaces.

In one storage wall, two arches have been dug in.

One embedded in the dining table.

A sofa with a built-in booth.

Completing a gorgeous turnaround of a small guest dining room

640 23 17


F. Children’s Beds

There is also this design that is perfect for children’s rooms.

It’s perfect for families with two children, and the bunk beds made of arches are worth several times more than the regular high/low beds.

640 25 16

There is also an even more trenchant children’s room space that creates a direct play area.

In short, the interesting shape of the arch really matches with the children’s room.

640 26 14


G. Soft Furnishings

The following three upholstery parts can be done with little or no need to call a professional, just by buying ready-made products.

The first worth mentioning is the arched bedside background panel.

This one is usually specifically picked when choosing a bed, or you can find a softcover company to customize the softcover background.

640 27 13

Also, these arched bookcase display cases are quite popular nowadays.

If you have ready-made furniture you can create this kind of artistic home, I am sure that many people will not miss it.

640 28 13

The rest, the most common practice is to directly buy an arched mirror, if the height is appropriate, like a mirror arch door, the effect is also very stunning.

640 29 12



The Realization Of The Arch

Finally, the last practical step.

To rank which of the types of arches mentioned above are easier to implement, if you had to, it would be.

Soft furnishings>Corridors and aisles=open doorways>Niche displays>Doors and windows>Cabinet embedding≥children’s bed

Again, the basic cost/performance ratio sort is similar to this.

After all, the more difficult it is to operate, the higher the cost will be.

640 31 12

Except for the soft part, the arch is usually built without the cooperation of a carpenter.

The more common interior structure will be completed by either “wood board to frame” or “plasterboard to shape”.

640 30 12

Image from Zhiyou Xi’an Isochronous Design

Then it’s just a matter of doing the wall treatment in the normal order.

You can do this directly, and the wall in one color – smear white.

640 32 11

You can also add color to the arched circle but separately, which is more three-dimensional.

640 33 10

There is also this use of aluminum narrow-edge door frames, which actually works well overall.

640 34 10

In short, if you want to play a little artistic at home, the arch is still a good choice.

If there are more brain holes, it’s up to you to play, welcome to leave a message and tell me about it.

Source of image material in the text.

Pinterest, Zhihu

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