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How To Take Better Care Of Bathroom Cabinets And Extend Their Lifespan?

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Bathroom cabinet is the bathroom covers an area of the largest equipment, but also one of the most vulnerable sanitary ware, how to do a good job of bathroom cabinet maintenance, to extend the service life, is a major problem plaguing households, so, today, the editor will bring you some of the bathroom cabinet maintenance tips, you know what?


Bathroom cabinet maintenance tricks, what do you know?

Bathroom cabinet maintenance

1. Ceramic basin scratches: ceramic basin surface should always be kept clean, dust and sand should be removed in time to prevent abrasion of the surface, when the ceramic basin surface scratches, can be coated with a little toothpaste in the scratch, wipe with a soft dry cloth repeatedly, then wax, can make the surface smooth as new.

2. Artificial stone countertop scratches: 800 # or more sandpaper or cloth can be used with water and gently erase the surface scratches, you can restore the original state.

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3. Burn marks: fireworks in the bathroom cabinet surface left scorch marks, if the paint is burnt, can be wrapped in a toothpick on a layer of fine grain hard cloth, gently wipe the traces, and then coated with a thin layer of vinegar, scorch marks can be removed.

4. scald marks: bathroom cabinet left on the white scald marks, small generally as long as the alcohol, nectar, kerosene wetting cloth can be wiped.

5. Water marks: the damp cloth covered in the bathroom cabinet on the marks, with the electric iron carefully press the damp cloth, marks can disappear.
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6. scratches: bathroom cabinet paint scratches, not touching the paint under the wood, available with the same cabinet color crayon or pigment, in the cabinet of the trauma smear to cover the exposed base color, and then transparent nail polish thinly coated layer can be.

7. Remove white marks: use a cloth with soot and lemon juice mixture to apply.
Regular waxing: every 6-12 months, with a paste wax for the bathroom cabinet on a layer of wax, including the cabinet, hardware handles, towel bars and brackets part.


Usual maintenance

1, light: handling, should be lightly lifted and lightly put, do not drag hard; placed, to be put flat and stable, if the ground is not flat, the leg pad solid, to prevent damage to the tongue and groove structure.

2, sun protection: do not put it in the strong sun, and can not be placed in excessively dry place, to prevent the wood cracking and deformation, because the stainless steel bathroom cabinet will still have some of the participation of wood.

3, cleaning: cleaning available general cleaning Ji diluted with a soft cloth wet and then along the wood grain lightly rubbed stained places.

4, burn marks: fireworks in stainless steel bathroom cabinet paint left scorch marks, if the paint burns, can be wrapped in a toothpick on a layer of fine grain hard cloth, gently wipe the traces, and then coated with a thin layer of wax, scorch marks can be eliminated.

5, hot marks: stainless steel bathroom cabinet surface inadvertently left white hot marks, generally as long as the alcohol, nectar, kerosene or tea to wet the cloth can be wiped.

6, water marks: to cover the marks with a damp cloth, and then carefully press the damp cloth with an iron several times, the marks can disappear.

7, abrasions: stainless steel bathroom cabinet paint abrasions, not touch the paint under the wood, available with the same cabinet color crayon or paint, in the cabinet of the trauma painted to cover the exposed base color, and then with a transparent nail polish thinly coated layer can be.

8, often with a soft cloth along the texture of the wood, for the cabinet to dust, to dust before, should be dip in the soft cloth on the spray cleaner (Cabernet Franc), do not wipe with a dry cloth, so as not to wipe flowers. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet in a drier environment when using, need to use artificial humidification measures. Such as: regularly with a soft cloth stained with water to wipe the stainless steel bathroom cabinet.

9, the maintenance of the glass countertop: in use, do not be sharp hard objects carved, colored countertop with neutral detergent cleaning.

10, the maintenance of wood countertop: in use, do not use hard objects heavy touching and scratching, with a soft cloth and some household detergent light wipe.

11, the maintenance of the lens: lenses appear water marks, with a soft cloth and neutral detergent cleaning.

In addition to these maintenance bathroom cabinet what else needs to be maintained?


Maintenance of bathroom cabinet mirrors

Bathroom mirror once installed, please do not move and remove unloading, and do not hit the mirror with objects to avoid broken and injured; floor mirror can be moved, but need to be completed by the cooperation of many people, and placed in the same angle and before moving, do not let children alone near or push and pull the floor mirror; other bathroom accessories found loose, please adjust or repair in a timely manner to avoid falling off causing accidents.

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Bathroom cabinet countertop maintenance
To extend the life of the countertop, do not place hot objects directly on the countertop. When placing high-temperature objects, you should place objects with rubber feet under the brackets, insulation pads and other insulation materials.


Bathroom cabinet cabinet maintenance
It is recommended that you keep your heavy items in the floor cabinet. The movable shelves can be adjusted up and down, so pay attention to whether the shelf tray is placed in the right place. Suspended cabinets are suitable for light items such as shampoo, body wash, dry towels. Paper towels and other light-weight items.

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Wall-mounted bathroom floor cabinets and hanging cabinets installed by the wall requirements whether load-bearing wall. In the designer’s actual measurement, if found not to have the installation conditions, then the customer needs to follow the designer’s requirements, the wall for proper reinforcement.

Bathroom cabinets before use to keep the door open 15 days to 20 days vacant, proper ventilation to eliminate residual odors. Cabinet is a mortise and tenon and eccentric parts of the structure, please do not modify and disassemble. Do not use sharp objects scraping, collision cabinet surface; Do not pry up the surface metal decorative materials, do not use steel balls and other sharp materials to clean the surface of metal objects; Do not use corrosive liquids to clean the surface of metal objects.

Do not pull the cutting cabinet edge of the anti-collision strip, in order to ensure dustproof, anti-collision, anti-cockroach effect, to extend the service life of the bathroom cabinet. Bathroom cabinets should be avoided for a long time by direct sunlight, to avoid local color difference. Smooth placement of items, heavier items should be placed in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet cabinet bottom; hanging cabinet is not easy to place overweight items, so as not to cause the top and bottom of the stress deformation, and at the same time to ensure the safety of the process of picking and placing items.

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Bathroom cabinet door maintenance

Avoid near heat, power, water, avoid direct sunlight; Do not contact gasoline, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents; With cotton cloth clean, with a brush clean carving seam; Solid wood door panel best use furniture water wax clean; Suggest the best every half a month or so on the solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance: cleaning, waxing, in order to maintain the color of the long bright;

Should avoid overflowing water on the countertop. Splash water to stay for a long time to soak the door and produce deformation. Bathroom cabinet doors and drawers should be opened with appropriate force, please do not slam open fierce off. Hanging cabinets on the glass lift the door, should respect the design of the optional hydraulic support or optional stop to protect the safety of use.

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Bathroom cabinet hardware maintenance

The main hardware of the bathroom cabinet metal chain, hinges, slides, etc., the material is generally a stainless steel or steel surface spray plating, spray plastic-based, in use, should pay attention to the following points: 1, to avoid strong acid or alkaline solution directly on the hardware spilled, inadvertently occurred should be wiped clean immediately. 2, door hinges to keep open and close freely, and to prevent moisture rusting. 3, to maintain the drawer slides to pull freely, often keep clean.

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