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Flexible Modification to Solve Small Bathroom Decoration Problems

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Most of the bathrooms are low, narrow, dark and difficult to place items in, which makes it difficult to use during washroom time. In fact, with the right space modification, having a comfortable small bathroom is not a difficult task.


Q1:Space is tight, and it’s difficult to place bathroom products? 

Solution: Built-in decoration and wall-mounted bathroom products.

The narrow space of the small bathroom in the renovation planning time to be more considerate of the use and transformation of the wall. Hollowed out the wall space into a world of storage, space-saving and practical, install a wall-mirror cabinet or built-in bathroom cabinet, storage shelves, are a good choice.

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In addition to built-in decoration, wall-mounted bathroom products are also the solution to the small bathroom space problem baby. Washbasins, toilets, and storage racks can be hung on the wall, reducing the footprint and balancing the spaciousness and seemingly taking up less space.


Q2: Can’t fit in the shower and it’s hard to separate the wet from the dry? Solution: Use a shower curtain.

Small house size is not big enough to make room in the bathroom to install a shower is a little difficult, in this case we can cleverly use a shower curtain. Shower curtains are generally made of plastic or nylon materials, with a certain degree of waterproof and windproof, can prevent the shower splash to the outside of the shower, but also can effectively maintain indoor temperature.

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A waterproof curtain has proven to be a good way to separate the wet and dry areas in the bathroom. The shower curtain can be pulled open when in use and put away when not in use, so you won’t waste valuable bathroom space.


Q3:The bathroom is small and feel depressing, not transparent and spacious enough?

Solution: Mirror is the easiest way to decorate a small bathroom.

Mirrors can add visual depth, especially in smaller bathroom spaces, and wall mirrors can even make the seeming effect more than double the actual size. Because the bathroom is small and feel cramped, you can put mirrors in the entry door facing the place, or put mirrors on the left/right side to extend the view, people will not feel cramped and crowded.

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In addition to extending the space, mirrors can also hide the space. Apply the mirror to the cabinet door, hidden behind the mirror in a number of shelves, sorting toiletries and skin care products, not only through the reflection of the mirror to the bathroom to extend the visual, but also a good use of the space above the washbasin, even if occasionally messy, close the “door” immediately clean in front of the eyes.


Q4:Difficult to change the location of the bathroom window, insufficient lighting?

Solution:Use transparent materials and modify the half wall.

Insufficient lighting is a common problem in small bathrooms, especially now some of the small bathroom windows are small and difficult to change the location of the window, to improve lighting through renovation has increased the difficulty, you may wish to consider the use of transparent materials to enhance indoor lighting.

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The use of frosted glass, lacquered glass, single-sided glass and other glass materials to make the bathroom and other indoor spaces of the partition and sliding doors is a good way, white tone is often the favorite of the small bathroom, but a single white more ordinary, choose pearlescent white can make the bathroom appear different from the crowd.

In addition, if the bathroom because there is no natural light and crowded, you can take an open bathroom, install transparent glass, and other areas of the room into one. Not used to open, you can transform the half-wall, choose to only knock off the bathroom and living room or bedroom half of the wall, the base of the wall is still left a meter high, knocked off part of the installation of decorative frosted glass to solve the lighting to increase space.

Most of the small house space focus on the living room and the master bedroom, the bathroom often becomes a small living room in the “small of the small”, to solve the small bathroom renovation problems, it is necessary to enhance the practical admission and reasonable extension of space based on the concept of reasonable renovation planning and flexible space transformation.

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