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How Do You Choose Bathroom Hardware? The Study Found That This Was the Original Choice…

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Bathroom Headline

In the decoration industry, there is a saying called “gold kitchen and bathroom”, I believe many people have heard, the kitchen and bathroom is really very important in daily life, and to a large extent also directly determine the happiness of our lives.

However, the bathroom of the small and large pieces to how to choose it? What are the pitfalls of shopping? Today we’re going to talk to you about the important points to consider when buying individual items in the bathroom.


01 Bathroom hardware

Domestic hardware is basically metal-based, the material is mainly stainless steel, zinc alloy, brass, aluminum, of course, but also some wood, resin, ceramic, glass and other niche products.

Aluminum hardware is more common in the country, the general price is relatively low, which is often referred to as space aluminum.

Although aluminum products will not rust, but because of its own dull, long time in a high humidity environment will also oxidize dark.

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We recommend the use of glossy hardware, the visual effect will be more advanced. Stainless steel, zinc alloy, brass, these kinds of are all shiny.

Brass has the best plating effect, and is generally the material chosen for high-grade products. Zinc alloy, followed by plating is not as good as brass, often used with brass.

Stainless steel generally have two kinds of plating or brushed, no brass so thick high-grade, but cost-effective, mainly look at the workmanship.

640 3 42

Previously started a four-piece set plus an extended towel rack, the last spent less than 700, the price is really fragrant.

And let’s talk about this floor standing toilet brush. The lid attaches to the brush handle and is spill-proof when in use, and the interior can be fully extracted for easy cleanup.

640 5 40

The two towel holders are not that different from each other in terms of plating alone, with similar shine and fineness. The longer one on the bottom is pure copper and the shorter one on top is zinc alloy.

640 6 38

The copper model details the previous one.

640 7 40

The zinc alloy one design style is not the same, the overall sense of sharpness is stronger, at the same time, the surface will have more connection points, I recommend the above copper one.

640 8 38


Tips: there are a few things to note about bathroom hardware.
1.The length of the towel rack and towel rack should be good, the hardware is not a standard size.
2. Try not to buy a towel rack with double rods inside and outside, the one inside is basically not used, buy a single rod is more practical.
3. General towel rack is recommended to carry about 4-5kg, don’t let go of heavy things, and don’t hang a lot of clothes or heavy coat, it will be bad.
4. If the bathroom is not ventilated and more humid, you can consider the electric towel rack, from now on to have soft towels.

02  Shower Room

A lot of small bathroom more popular shower curtain + water cornerstone combination, and even use the ground slope of the water even the cornerstone does not do, similar to the following.

640 10 38

But even with a shower curtain, water from the floor will inevitably remain. Individuals are more recommended to install a shower room and plan the bathroom area appropriately.

According to the shape, the shower room is generally divided into a word-shaped, diamond-shaped, L-shaped. If the conditions allow, the one-shaped shower room is the first choice.

640 11 36

Three walls, one door, good insulation, space is not too crowded, and the price is relatively low, because the general pricing of the shower room is calculated according to the area.

It is best to leave the width of the shower area to 90cm or more.

If it is a rectangular area, and the length is enough, you can put a towel rack on the wall opposite the shower faucet, it is very convenient to get the towels when you turn back after taking a shower.

A niche or a half wall is also a good choice, it is also convenient to put toiletries, the half wall can also serve as a lower bench or step foot and so on.

640 12 36

Diamond shaped showers are also common in small bathrooms, using a corner to circle a diamond shaped shower area, with two long sides recommended to be around 90cm, less than 90 can be a bit crowded.

Curved (fan-shaped) showers probably mean the same thing, that is, the glass is curved.

640 9 38

In this typical small square bathroom layout shown below, the basin, shower, and toilet are arranged in sequence, compact and unobtrusive, which is still worth learning from.

640 13 35

If the bathroom is big enough, make an L-shape shower, the standard side length is usually 90cm, 120cm, but bigger is also possible. The standard side length is 90cm and 120cm, but bigger is also possible.

Two sides against the wall, two sides of light, will be more open for bathing, of course, because of the use of more frames and glass, so the price will be higher.

By the way, the height of the glass in a shower room is 2m, and if you add the cornerstone and the upper bar, it will be even higher.

640 14 34


Tips: There are a few things to keep in mind about shower stalls.

1. Suggest to install a downlight above the shower, remember to choose waterproof downlight.

2. The glass preferred explosion-proof glass, you can choose the film, explosion-proof film, anti-fouling film.

3. It is better to put a mat outside the shower room door to avoid slipping to the same time to ensure that the ground is dry.

4. If you install air heating, do not install in the shower room right above, while washing and blowing away the moisture but easy to catch a cold. It is recommended to install it in the shower room to open the door one step, so that when you come out to wipe your body and wear clothes, you can just blow to it.

5. If you really don’t like shower room, and don’t want to install shower curtain, you can consider the form of glass partition, remember to choose tempered glass.


03  Toilet

Before choosing a toilet, ask yourself if you need intelligent flushing, gynecological washing, and intelligent drying features. If you accept the smart features, then you will have two choices:

1. regular toilet + smart toilet seat; 2. smart all-in-one toilet.

The biggest difference between the two is mainly in appearance, and the smart all-in-one toilet will be better integrated visually, which means it looks better.  640 15 34

The smart toilet integrates the toilet itself, the tank and the smart lid, characterized by a weaker appearance of the tank, while the external structure is simpler.

Elliptical cylindrical perimeter design, without those gullies, no folds, and not easy to hide dirt better cleaning.

If you don’t mind the appearance, the combination of a regular toilet plus a smart toilet seat is also possible.

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When choosing a toilet, pay attention, because the smart toilet seat also has the size of the installation requirements, it is recommended to choose the appearance of the kind of moderate.


Tips: there are a few things to note about smart toilets.

1. Is it instant hot water?

The water is heated while dispensing, so you don’t have to worry about whether the water in the toilet is clean even if you don’t use it for a long time.

At the same time will not flush for too long and cause the water temperature to drop, for the morning has been coming and going to the bathroom, continuous use of multiple people also has no effect.

2. Does it have a gynecological cleaning function?

If there are adult women in the house, this is a useful feature and should be taken into consideration when choosing a unit.

3. Is there a warm air drying function?

As the name implies, with this feature, it is possible to go paperless toilets.

4. Is it easy to operate?

If there are old people and children at home, you need to choose a simple control product. It is not the operation panel function keys more and more complex, the more good, humanized design is the key.

5. Look at the reputation

The intelligent toilet seat can not trial, store can only look at the most dynamic water. The more you refer to online reviews and assessments before you buy, the more unexpected help you will get.


04  Shower head

It’s also a good idea to pick a shower head or something like that, because it’s usually a long time, so it’s more appropriate to do it in one step.

It is recommended that you pick a top-tier brand that you think looks good, so there is generally no problem.

640 16 34

If the home water pressure is not enough, the top spray without forced, otherwise installed can only feel the “patter of rain”, but also a waste.

It’s a good idea to directly choose a shower and shower column, for a small bathroom, but also more concise do not occupy space.

640 17 34


Tips: There are a few things to note about the shower.

1. Is the body made of copper?

These faucets must be made of copper, which is more durable.

2. Electroplating layer try to choose nickel-chromium

After nickel chrome plating, the surface will shine like a mirror, and all major brands of nickel chrome plating technology pass the 24-hour acid salt spray test and heat cycle test.

3. The quality of the spool should also be concerned, the spool determines the service life of the faucet.

4. If you have the habit of punching in the morning, we suggest you choose to pull the faucet, so that your waist does not have to suffer.


All right, that’s today’s buying advice on basic bathroom items, did you get it?

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