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How to solve the aging of the faucet

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Faucet common problems and maintenance methods


1. Forked faucet or reduced water volume, no bubbles.

Possible cause: The bubbler filter is dirty with dust or debris.

Solution: Remove the faucet and clean the filter.

2. The water volume of the shower is low, with water forks.

Possible cause: is low water pressure or debris or scale build-up in the shower head.

Solution: Remove the shower head, remove the rubber washer with filter from the shower inlet, or wash the shower head to clean it.

3. When the faucet makes a noise.

Possible causes: High water pressure; faucet handle closes quickly; hot and cold water pipes are not fixed; obstruction or scale in the water inlet.

Solution: Reduce the water supply pressure. Reduce the water supply pressure to avoid the faucet turning off quickly, rebuild and clean the pipes, check the water pipes and connections (e.g. water purifier, water heater).

4. Temperature adjustment is difficult and water temperature changes frequently.

Possible causes: The pressure difference between hot and cold water is too large, or the water heater takes too long to raise the water temperature.

Solution: Reduce hot and cold water pressure. Reduce the pressure of the hot and cold triangle valve to ensure that the water temperature of the water heater can keep up with the speed of water delivery.


If you notice a small amount of water in the faucet, the leak may be caused by an aging faucet, as the single faucet stopper is sticking to the sand. This phenomenon still requires a professional repairman to disassemble the faucet and clean it, but if the aging rubber gasket of the faucet is damaged, it must be replaced. Generally speaking, faucet rubber pads can last for 7 or 8 years, but the hot water part of the faucet is prone to shrink in life due to the alternation of hot and cold, and the faucet is aging.

The aging of faucets is a noteworthy problem. The above is about the aging of faucets. I hope it can help you solve the problems related to aging faucets.


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