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How to choose a faucet

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When buying a faucet, you should consider quality first and then style.

There are many styles of faucets, which should be quality first and style second. The faucet control handle has a single handle and a double handle. Many consumers think that the single handle faucet is new, double handle faucet is outdated. In fact, this is just a matter of appearance, and does not indicate a quality problem. When buying, you should start from the actual situation. Single-handle faucets are characterized by easy control and simple structure. A two-handle requires two hands to adjust the water temperature, but this style can be used in more situations (e.g. under basin faucets, massage faucets, etc.). When the single-handle faucet is turned on and off, the water pressure rises rapidly. If the product doesn’t have a high copper content, it won’t be able to withstand the expansion of water pressure, so it’s easy to damage it, so use the single-handle faucet slowly when you use it. Turn it on and off. Two-handle faucets have a wider pressure range and the water pressure is released slowly, so there is no such problem.

The wide range of faucets available in the market makes it overwhelming to make a purchase. Buying a proper, high-quality faucet will help you in the future. Here are five buying tips.


First, look at the surface

First of all, look at the brightness of the surface. The valve body of the faucet is made of brass. After grinding and polishing, the surface is coated with nickel and chrome. The coating of regular products has specific technical requirements and passes the neutral salt spray test and does not rust within a specified period of time. Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to the glossy surface, no burr, no pores and no oxidation spots by hand. Identify the quality of the faucet to see the brightness of it, the smoother the surface, the brighter the better the quality.


Second, turn the handle

Second, gently rotate the handle to see if it is light and flexible, there is no blocking phenomenon. Some very cheap products use a high-quality spool, the technical coefficient does not meet the standard, the price also differs by 3-4 times. Therefore, don’t buy the faucet price as the only standard. Second, look at the faucet rotate handle, the faucet and the switch between the gap is not too big, easy to open, unobstructed, not slippery; Inferior faucet not only gap, and resistance.


Third, listen to the sound

Good faucet is the whole casting of copper, knocking sound dull; if the sound is very brittle, it must be stainless steel, the quality of a grade lower.


Four, identification mark

Identify the product label. Usually regular products have a manufacturer’s brand logo for identification and anti-counterfeiting purposes. Some informal or quality products often have only a few paper labels or even no logo at all. Be careful when buying. What brand of faucet is good>>.


Five, check the parts

Check the various parts of the faucet, especially if the main components are assembled tightly and cannot have a feeling of looseness. A good faucet’s valve body and handle are made of brand-name brass refined, heavier and dignified.

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