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How To Repair Dripping Kitchen Faucet

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two handle kitchen faucet with pull out spray

The faucet is an indispensable item in daily life. However, after a long time of use, the faucet will inevitably have the problem of dripping. When many people encounter this problem, they do not know how to solve it. So how to repair the dripping of the kitchen faucet? What is the reason why the faucet is tight and still leaking? Let’s take a look with the editor!

First, how to repair the kitchen faucet dripping

The leakage of the kitchen faucet is generally due to the damage of the faucet water-stop tape. In this case, just remove the faucet with a wrench, then roll the new water-stop tape around the fixing screw, and finally the faucet Open it and try to see if the tap still leaks.

Second, what is the reason why the faucet is tight and still leaking?

1. The faucet still leaks after being tightened. It may be caused by the wear of the shaft gasket in the faucet. In this case, you can use pliers to turn the gland bolt. After the gland bolt is loosened, remove it and use a clip Take out the shaft gasket and replace it with a new shaft gasket.

2. If the faucet is tightened and the water leaks, it may be caused by the abrasion of the triangle seal in the gland. In this case, it is preferred to use a screw brick to remove the bolt, then remove the gland, and then remove the triangle in the gland. Remove the gasket and replace it with a new triangular gasket.

3. If the faucet has a small amount of water, it indicates that the faucet may be leaking. In this case, it is recommended that you ask a professional maintenance technician to come to the door to repair it to avoid secondary damage to the faucet.

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