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Faucet knowledge classification of angle valves

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  1. According To The Distinction Between Cold And Hot.

“Cold” and “hot” (with blue and red signs to distinguish) the same model of cold and warm triangle valve is mostly the same, there is no essential difference. The main purpose of distinguishing between hot and cold signs is to distinguish which are hot water and which are cold water. Only some low-end slow-open triangle valve is a rubber ring valve core, rubber ring material can not withstand 90 degrees of hot water, the need to distinguish between hot and cold.

  1. Divided By The Opening Method.

“fast open” and “slow open”. Fast open refers to the rapid opening and closing of the valve by 90 degrees. Slow open means to open and close the valve by turning the angle valve handle 360 degrees non-stop. Now basically use fast open.

  1. According To The Different Valve Poppet.

Ball valve cartridge, ceramic cartridge, ABS (engineering plastic) cartridge, alloy cartridge, rubber rotary cartridge.

  • Spherical Spool. The advantage of ball cartridge is larger diameter than ceramic cartridge, will not reduce water pressure and flow, easy to operate (rotate 90 degrees to fully open / fully close), STH cartridge is chrome plated. The advantages of chrome plating are high hardness, abrasion resistance, and long service life; it avoids the occurrence of copper rust.2. ABS (engineering plastic). Plastic cartridges are low cost and have no guarantee of quality.
  • Ceramic Spool. The advantage of ceramic spool is that it is smooth and light to open and close. Suitable for home, long service life and high cost. It is recommended to use ceramic cartridge.
  • Rubber Rotary Cartridge. Due to very time-consuming and laborious opening and closing, it has been eliminated. Few corner valves of this material are currently used in families.
  1. According To The Material Of The Shell.

Brass, alloy, iron, plastic.

Brass: easy processing, strong plasticity, high hardness, strong resistance to bending and torsion.

Alloy: low cost, the disadvantage of low bending resistance, the surface is easy to oxidize.

Iron: easy to rust, pollution of water. In today’s environmental protection and low-carbon society, it is not recommended.

Plastic material. Low cost, not easy to use in the extreme cold north.



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