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How To Maintain The Faucet

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After choosing a good faucet, improper maintenance can also affect its longevity. It is also a major headache for many people. Faucets are used quite frequently. Basically, faucets are used every day in life. With such a high frequency of use, how to maintain the faucet and extend its service life?

1. When the normal temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, if you find that the faucet handle feels abnormal, you must use hot water to shower bathroom products until the handle feels normal, so that the operation will not affect the life of the faucet core.

2. The water contains a trace of carbonic acid compound, evaporation is easy to form scale, corrosion of metal surface.

This will affect the service life of the faucet. It is essential to scrub the surface of the faucet frequently with a soft cotton cloth or sponge. Never use a metal cleaning ball or scrubbing pad to clean the faucet. It is easy to scratch the surface of the faucet. Never hit the surface of the faucet with a hard object either.

3. Water drips when the new faucet is turned off. This is because there is residual water in the inner cavity of the faucet after it is turned off. This is a normal phenomenon. If the water drips for a long time, it is a problem with the faucet. If the water leaks, it means that there is a quality problem with the product.

4. Open and close the faucet can not be too forceful, gently turn it. Even traditional faucets don’t need to be twisted hard, just turn the water off. Also, don’t use the handle as a handrail for support or use.

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