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How to install the faucet

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Steps to install the faucet.

(Before installing the faucet, have tools and accessories such as wrenches, pliers, a new faucet, hoses, rubber washers, etc.).

In the first step, don’t forget to turn off the main sluice. Otherwise, you’ll probably get rid of the faucet, so remember to turn off the water in your house. Then get out an adjustable wrench or pliers and turn the old or broken faucet in a counterclockwise direction. At this point you’ll find that the only thing that’s left is the hose.

The second step is not to rush to put the new faucet on, but first take fresh water and clean the sand bank and the debris from the pipes, because the faucet will accumulate some deposits over time, and if you don’t clean it, it will clog over time. The water pipes, and the new ones won’t be good either.

The third step is to wrap raw material tape around the threads of the faucet a few times to prevent it from leaking.

The fourth step is to screw the new faucet on the water pipe connection in a clockwise direction. Remember to tighten it a bit to prevent leaks. Finally, you can open the main water valve to try it out.

When you use the faucet in your life, you need to take care of it. For example, slowly unscrew it and close it slowly. Do not twist it too hard. You can clean the faucet regularly to ensure its longevity.


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