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How to Find My Moen Faucet Model Number

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how to find moen faucet model number

Moen is a popular brand of faucet products worldwide, especially in North America. Moen promises to sell high-quality faucets and high-quality services to provide customers with information about the products. Most questions about Moen products can be resolved. One of the frequently asked questions by customers is how to find the model of Moen faucet. Here you can find the solution to this problem.

Why do you need the Moen faucet model number

A customer who has a Moen product may need to find his Moen number for some reasons. If he visits the Moen website, it will ask him to provide the Moen faucet model number to indicate his system specifications. This number can also be used to check the warranty status of this product. Then, if the customer calls Moen, he will be asked for the Moen number to confirm the warranty, specifications, etc.

Primary places to find the Model faucet model number

In general, the Moen faucet number can be found in the package box and the manual. So, the first and foremost way to find the model number of Moen faucet is to check the box and manual.

However, if the customer cannot find the Moen number on these items, he may see the back of the spout, which cannot be pulled out. Customers can find general serial numbers there. Remember that the serial number is not the same as the exact model number. However, it is really useful when the serial number is used with the faucet image displayed in the replacement parts locator.

Other important factors

Based on the above explanation, the customer is expected to find the number of the Moen faucet. The faucet number is very important for identifying Moen products. Here, there are more guide details about Moen bathroom sinks or kitchen faucets. It explained that the product, packaging, receipt, or installation guide had some indications that the product was a Moen faucet. The most important thing is to know that Moen’s name is always on the tap. If there is no name there, the product is not a Moen faucet. Here is some support information about Moen faucet

There is a universal symbol on the faucet to indicate whether the water is hot or cold. The red plug button indicates hot water while the blue one means cold. The color of the plug button is usually used by other companies, and so does Moen.

What is not the faucet model number

If the customers look at the water spout and spray wand, then find the number like ‘A12.18.1’, it is .actually not a model number. For kitchen faucets, the number can be found on the back of the water spout . Then, it also happened for lavatory faucets, on the front curve under the waterspout, the customers can see the series of numbers.

Some Moen faucets have a removable handle cover. The word “Moen” is printed on it. Numbers can be engraved under it. So, basically it is easy to find the numbers. Keep all the parts.If there is an accident or whatever that makes the parts break , the component number can be located on that part well. Just for information, the number is not a part number . However, it may be helpful in model identification. If the customers are still confused, they can ask for help finding the part number they found on the faucet parts and contact customer service using the phone number provided on the website.

Bottom Line

If you are in trouble to find Moen faucet model number, this post should be the perfect way to get you out of this issue. Above all, before the customer seeks help from Moen’s customer support department, it is recommended to check the original box of the Moen faucet and find the number of the Moen faucet. If customers cannot or forget to do so, customer support will provide them with the best assistance.

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