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How to choose a durable faucet for your home

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With the development of time and the progress of science, we are exposed to more and more new things, but when our standard of living improves, we need to improve some of the needs of life, such as the necessities of our life, faucets, we need to use the faucet in every household, but if the faucet opens and closes too many times, it is easy to break down. How do we choose a durable faucet?


1. Check the material of the faucet

Over the years, faucets have come in a variety of materials. The common ones on the market are alloy faucets, copper faucets, stainless steel faucets and ceramic faucets.

After comparison, it is best to find stainless steel faucets; of course, ceramic faucets can also be used as a choice to enhance the bathroom’s high-end quality; if you choose all-copper faucets, open the faucet before using half a minute, and let the water drain, to avoid excessive intake of lead; is not recommended to choose alloy faucets.


2. Check the quality of the valve core

The faucet needs to be switched on and off numerous times, so the first thing to consider when buying is whether it will last for a long time. When the switch is active, the active part of the faucet is in the spool, so if you want it to last a long time, you’ll need to look at the quality of the spool. The quality of the spool can be judged by whether it can withstand a long-term drip-free test, which is a test of the life of the spool. In the national faucet testing standards clearly states that the switch of the drip-free test requirements of not less than 200,000 switches.


3. Good faucet comes with a bubbler

To see if the faucet is good, look at whether it has a bubbler. The purpose of the bubbler is to prevent the water from spreading and make the water flow more straight. I don’t know if you have noticed that some of the water in the faucet is soft on your hands and is small bubbles. Faucets are bubbly . If you are going to the store to buy it, you can feel it on the spot, the water flow is soft and the foam is rich, which means that the quality of the bubbler is better, the bubbler usually has six layers, the good bubbler is made of high quality stainless steel mesh, you can see the tray. Many brands of bubblers can also filter impurities from the tap water for particles. If the water quality in the area is poor, the tap water will gradually decrease. Once the bubbler is turned on, it will return to normal.

A good faucet is a must in our lives. This will not only prevent our faucet from affecting our normal life due to leakage, but also make our life easier and faster.

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