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How to choose a bathtub faucet

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I. The structure is divided into:

1. Single-handle type. This utility model has the advantages of flexible switch, long service life and quick and convenient temperature adjustment.

2. The 90 degree switch faucet. It is characterized by the use of ceramic plates for sealing on the basis of the traditional double handle. When the faucet opens and closes, the handle can be rotated 90 degrees. Adjustable hot and cold water on both sides, easy to open, in a variety of styles.

3. Traditional spiral steady rise faucet (rubber seal). High water output, low price (rarely used nowadays).

4. Stainless steel hollow ball seal and valve stem seal faucet. Generally imported faucets, some are even fully temperature-controlled, more expensive.


II. The function can be divided into:

1. Triple bathtub: there are two outlets, one is the outlet of bathtub shower, and the other is the outlet under the shower.

2. Double knotted basin:used for various basins in the bathroom. The outlet is short and low, mainly used for washing and cleaning.

3. Multifunctional kitchen: generally double connection, both cold and hot water. The outlet is higher, the front of the faucet is longer, and some even have hoses, which can be rotated in multiple angles for washing.


III. How to choose

1. First look at the surface. The main body is made of brass, bronze (or copper alloy), polished and polished, then chrome plated and other surface treatment. The main body of the regular product casting and surface treatment have strict technical requirements, after neutral salt spray test, in the corresponding time should be no rust. Therefore, when choosing a faucet, you should pay attention to the surface, touch the burr, observe no pores, erosion marks, no oxidation spots, crystal clear, feel the thickness of the coating. The surface coating is galvanized, titanium-plated, spray paint, etc.. Coating thickness is good, you can use light to observe whether the coating surface is bright. Imported faucet coating is thicker, not easy to fall off and oxidation. The plating should have a protective film, without a protective film of the plating is easy to fade.

2. Turn the handle gently, whether it is light and flexible, there is no blockage. Faucet with no gap, easy and smooth, no slippery is better. Inferior gap, big resistance.

3. Knock on the main body of the faucet, the sound is dull, carefully observe the faucet interface, whether it is a copper body, if the knocking sound crisp, may be stainless steel and other materials, of course, worse. Look at the various parts of the faucet, especially the main components are assembled tightly. Good valve body and handle are made of brass, and the weight is very, very heavy.

4. Check the parts to see if the assembly is tight. In general, the single mixing basin mixer faucet will have installation dimensions and instructions when it leaves the factory. Before installation and use, you should open the product package inspection certificate, etc. to avoid using “three no” products. If the product is imported, you should be extra careful. In addition, you should also check whether the accessories are complete. General accessories should be equipped with. (1) a full set of fixing bolts and fixing brass plates and gaskets; (2) a full set of basin lifts and removers; (3) two inlet pipes. Recently advocated to the leisure-oriented bathroom space, with lines to reconfigure the space, to achieve a refreshing visual effect.

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