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Four Points To Choose A Stylish Beautiful And Quality Faucet

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First of all, look at the material. The faucet is made of copper and has a dense texture. A good faucet should be integrally cast, self-weighted, with a cohesive feel and a dull sound when struck. If the sound is crisp, then the material density is low, maybe the faucet’s copper content is low, or the quality of other materials is slightly worse.

Secondly, observe the smoothness of the faucet’s surface. High-quality faucet processing fine, surface finish close to the mirror, but not deformed, faucet after polishing molding, surface nickel, chrome plating. The polished chrome-plated surface of quality products has undergone three layers of plating, while the polished copper-plated surface has undergone high-temperature heating plating to form a layer of protective film to prevent aging, effectively prevent dirt and ensure excellent corrosion resistance. So when buying, pay attention to the glossy surface of the faucet, the hand touch no burr, no pores, no oxidation spots.

Also determine the valve core used in the faucet. Turn the handle gently to see if it is light and flexible and not clogged. The quality faucet of the smooth mouth is generally shaft copper spool, the spool has two copper balls, more than twice the ordinary ceramic spool durable, left and right side can be flexible rotation 180 degrees, can switch more than 1 million times, can achieve the gradual heat requirements.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, consumers should also pay attention to the identification of products when buying faucets. Generally speaking, the regular products will be branded with the manufacturer’s trademark, in order to identify and anti-counterfeiting. And some irregular products or products of poor quality, often only some paper labels on the product, or even no logo.

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