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How many faucets have you installed in your home

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Most families do not divide a space and use demand, bought a lot of same faucet to house mount only, it is unscientific actually, at least in a family can have on single cold, cold warm type, bubble type 3 kinds of faucet.

Faucet to points according to the use, can be divided into basin, kitchen basin, bathtub, washing machines and mop the water faucet, and from the function and structure, and can be divided into single cooler type ordinary faucet, induction faucet, changes in temperature type faucet, take a bubbler water-saving faucet, etc., basin, kitchen basin, bathtub faucet commonly use the kinds of changes in temperature and a bubbler, washing machines and mop pool bibcock with single cooler type, generally not recommended in areas such as the balcony buy faucet with bubbler, this can speed up the flushing to drag, but also increase the washing ability, has played a water-saving effect.

1, Cold hot water faucet cannot direct a water pipe
Many people think it is ok to buy hot and cold faucets at home but only connect one water inlet hose. In fact, the ceramic spool is a three-port interflow structure, which requires the water from two water inlet hoses to be mixed before it flows out of the faucet outlet.

2.Faucet and water pipe connection must have Angle valve
A lot of people know about the faucet, but they don’t know about the corner valve. Angle valve outlet and inlet into 90 degrees Angle, can connect the inner wall water pipe and faucet hose and control the water flow switch.

General cold hot bibcock (have cold hot water inlet hose) must use Angle valve to be able to connect with water pipe, and resemble washing machine bibcock, mop pool bibcock opens bibcock quickly, can be connected directly with water pipe, because this need not Angle valve. Generally speaking, each cold hot bibcock needs two Angle valve to match each other, in case bibcock appears to leak, need to close Angle valve only can, won’t cause effect to water of other place in the home.

3, The appearance and interior of the water hose should be cleaned regularly
How long has it been since you cleaned your faucet? Although we use faucets almost every day, few of us pay attention to the cleanliness of the surface or even the inside of the faucet.

After the installation of the faucet, its surface stain fingerprint and other recommended cleaning every other month, with clean water rinse surface with soft cloth wipe dry can be; And the appearance of the brightness maintenance can be a month with car wax cleaning. Surface cleaning is for beauty, internal cleaning is the most important factor affecting service life.

In addition, if faucet appears water quantity reduces or it is bifurcate of give water, the bubbler that expresses faucet was blocked, should take bubbler at this time next, after soaking with vinegar, brush with small wool or other tool cleanness sundry, reinstall next.

4, The faucet can not be used immediately
Most people were used to get up in the morning to turn on boiled water bibcock to use directly, but generally speaking, before the next day USES faucet, want to accumulate overnight commonly the water in bibcock is put off first, reoccupy next.

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