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How hot and cold water faucet work

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The use of faucets can be considered as a creation. This is because with its invention and application, more people have been able to experience the pleasure and convenience of life. So what is the internal structure of a hot and cold water faucet? When a hot and cold water faucet is working, what parts of it are working?
hot and cold water faucet

Cold and hot water faucet inlet working principle

Hot and cold water faucet is mainly composed of handle, valve core, inlet braided pipe and installation fittings. The working principle of ceramic valve core: generally, the bottom of the ceramic valve core consists of three holes, one of which is the cold water in and out of the hole, another is the hot water in and out of the hole, and the remaining one is the water inside the valve core. There are seals on both the cold and hot holes of the faucet spool to ensure that it is in a sealed state with the main body. After the cold and hot water inlet pipes of the main body are connected, it is necessary to ensure that the hot water pipe and cold water pipe orifices correspond to the two holes of the valve spool. The valve spool mainly controls the opening and closing state of the two holes and relies on the movement of the two ceramic plates to work.

The handle switch moves the valve stem, causing the ceramic plates to move, and the left and right holes are sealed. At this time, no water enters the spool. The ground seal of the spool allows water to flow through the spool into the main outlet channel. In this way, no water enters the spool and no water flows out of the pipe. This is the closed state of the pipes, the structure and working principle of the faucet.

What is the principle of hot and cold water faucets? In fact, the hot and cold water faucet is also called the “mixing faucet”, which is a faucet that mixes cold and hot water together and regulates the water temperature. The idea is that a high-precision ceramic or steel valve cartridge is used inside the faucet to control the amount of water coming out of the faucet. In this way, when using the faucet, the cold water and the hot water will be in different directions.

When we twist the faucet to discharge, the ceramic piece is moved so that the top hole is completely open and the right hole is completely closed. In this way, cold water cannot enter the spool and hot water enters the spool, and the small space in the six-way spool is shown by the irregular notches in the ceramic piece. After flowing into the main body through the hole below, hot water flows in and out in this way. Open the handle to the right for cold water, the middle cold and hot water pipes open at the same time, the outflow is warm water.

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