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How Do You Get Rid Of Rusty Faucets, Toilet Grime, And Bathtub Grime? Hurry Up And Forward It To Your Customers!

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The bathroom is in a humid environment for a long time, so the faucet and the canopy are prone to scale and rust over time. The composition of rust is mainly oxide, which needs to be neutralized by acidic substances, without strong acidic chemicals? That’s okay, you can get rid of rust easily with these!


Rust Removal From Faucets

Got rust stains on your bath equipment? Don’t worry, for those of you who have ketchup at home, just take out the ketchup and spread it on the rust stained areas, just for 8 seconds, wipe it gently with a rag, and the rust stains will be clean!

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Rust stains on the faucet, just find a Ziploc bag, fill a small half bag of white vinegar, and then put it over the faucet, fixed with a leather band, and leave it for a few minutes, you will find that the rust stains are dissolved by acetic acid, as long as a simple rinse with water, the faucet will be shiny as new.

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The acidity of lemon juice can also completely dissolve the scale and rust stains, and the uneaten lemon slices can be used to wipe the faucet and metal equipment in the bathroom.

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Rust Stains On Tiles

The tiles of the sink are also easy to leave rust and water stains, which can be cleaned with toothpaste and a used toothbrush, toothpaste contains friction ingredients that can remove stubborn water and rust stains, and the surfactants in it can also quickly dissolve the grease.

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Rust stains on the bathtub can be scrubbed with an orange peel, which not only easily washes away water rust, but also removes even dirt and dust together, saving time and effort!

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Rust Stains On Toilets

Dirty stains and rust stains on the inside of the toilet and still struggling to scrub them with cleaner? To teach you a trick, pour the incomplete Coke directly into the toilet, and then flush and wash it after ten minutes, you will find that the inside of the toilet becomes shiny and new.

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In addition, the toilet tank will often accumulate a lot of limescale, in order to reduce the production of limescale, you can pour white vinegar into the toilet tank, not only can dissolve the tank out of the dirt, but also in the flushing incidentally clean toilet wall.

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