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Some Useful Knowledge about Hot and cold Water Faucet

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Some Useful Knowledge about Hot and cold Water Faucet



The hot and cold water faucet mainly consists of a handle, a spool, an inlet braid and an installation gadget. How the ceramic spool works: typically, the bottom of the ceramic spool consists of three holes, one for in and out cold water, another for in and out hot water, and another for the water supply inside the spool. The faucet spool has both cold and hot holes and a sealing ring to ensure a seal with the main ramp street. After the main body of the cold and hot water pipes are connected, it is ensured that the hot and cold water pipes correspond with the two holes of the spool one by one. The valve spool mainly controls the opening and closing of the two holes and relies on the movement of the two ceramic plates to work.

The handle switch drives the valve stem to move the ceramic piece, so that the left and right holes are sealed, at this time the valve core does not enter water. The stepped seal of the spool allows water to flow through the spool into the main body outlet channel so that no water enters the spool and no water flows out of the conduit. This is the closed state of the water pipe, the structure and working principle of the faucet.

What is the principle of hot and cold faucet? In fact, the hot and cold water faucet is also called “mixed water faucet”, which is a faucet that mixes cold and hot water and regulates the water temperature. The principle is mainly based on the use of highly accurate ceramic plates or steel valve cores to control the water discharge condition inside the faucet, so that the cold and hot water form different directions when the faucet is in use.

When we twist the faucet to the discharge state, the ceramic disc is moved so that the upper hole is completely open and the right hole is completely closed. In this way, cold water cannot enter the spool and hot water enters the spool, a small space in the six-way spool shown by an irregular groove in the ceramic piece. This is how the hot water enters and exits after flowing through the bottom hole. Opening the right handle is cold water, and the hot and cold pipes in the middle open at the same time, and out flows warm water.

So we can use hot water for hot water and cold water for cold water. Now the hot and cold water faucet has been popularized to every household, we can’t do without this faucet, it brings great convenience to our life.

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