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For the knowledge of the towel rack style

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Hanging towel racks are divided into many from the material, generally divided into. Copper towel racks, stainless steel towel racks, aluminum towel racks, zinc alloy towel racks according to the structure can be divided into: single layer and double layer. The towel racks can be divided into single layer and double layer. Among them, the aluminum towel rack is cost-effective and can be made into various effects on the surface to meet the personalized needs of modern home decoration, which is beginning to occupy the market.


Towel Rack Style–Towel Rack Material and Structure Selection

Commonly used materials for towel racks include stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron, plastic and so on. Towel racks made of stainless steel are not easy to rust and have a strong surface stability. It is also the most commonly used. Towel racks are not as long-lasting as other materials, but plastic can be processed into various colors and shapes for users who are not using them for a long time. The towel racks available in the market nowadays are single/double layer, one pole/multi-pole, closed end/multi-ended, fixed pitch/mobile, hook/suction cup/screw, closed end is more convenient than two closed ends. The fixed type depends on the material and wall condition of the towel rack, so choose a practical structure carefully.


Towel Rack Style – Towel Rack Style and Maintenance Method

Today, as people’s needs are becoming more diverse, there is a wide variety of towel rack designs on the market in a variety of colors. In terms of craftsmanship, they are no longer just golden space aluminum, but also antique and old. , brushed, painted and other crafts, space aluminum towel racks are the most durable paint process, later. Towel racks also require regular maintenance and cleaning. It is not a good quality towel rack. It should be kept dry and ventilated. It should be wiped on the surface frequently. The towel rack should not be left in a humid and unventilated environment for a long time. It is prone to rust and changes and should be maintained twice a month.

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